Depression Before Delivery?

Updated on January 18, 2010
C.B. asks from Midlothian, TX
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I am 39 weeks pregnant with #5 and I am not handling this well at all! I am constantly crying and just plain feeling awful! I am scheduled for a c-section on Tuesday- but that is no consolation- I want to have the baby NOW!!! I have been trying to go into labor for a couple of weeks(walking doesn't help, it just makes me stiff and sore and I can't move if I sit or lay down)- even went into the hospital 2 weeks ago with strong contractions that had been going on for 3 hours, but I was only at a 1 and not progressing so they sent me home!
This baby is huge and I am super depressed about having a big baby- for no reason what so ever. All my kids have been huge- one at 9.4 and one at 9.8- you think I'd be used to it!
I had my last Dr's appt. today and he didnt' even check me because I am having a c-section. Afterward I just cried for an hour- my body won't go into labor and I don't see how I will make it till Tuesday without going insane!
Any suggestions?

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So What Happened?

I made it! Thank you all for the encouragement! My mom came in to help out and my husband took time off work before and after to help me out- Little Abbie was born on Tuesday- 8lbs10oz! and she is just perfect! The last two weeks were horrible, but they are behind me forever! hooray! and now I have a precious little baby! thank you all again- I needed that!

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Just think about how happy you are going to be when he/she is here. I really don't know what to tell you to do except be patient. You only have one more day. Keep thinking about that today. And think about how happy you will be when he/she is finally here. It will be OK!

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I am assuming you aren't having any thoughts of harming yourself and are just miserable and tired of being pregnant and apprehensive about what the future holds. IF that is true, I would be feeling the same thing. Call a friend, get out of the house today and do something you want to do to distract yourself. No errands, no kids, no catching up on your to do list but rather something you find "fun". I can imagine it has been a while since you thought about that. I have 3 and it is a struggle so 5 has definitely got to be a challenge!

I'm confident you can make it until Tuesday though it might as well be 2025 to you. : ) I would encourage you to distract yourself, cry, moan and groan as needed and know "this too shall pass". Don't beat yourself up b/c you aren't running around wanting to throw a party. Give yourself some grace, take a deep breath, you are normal.

That's just my opinion... Take care.

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My daughter's first baby weighed in at 9lb7oz. so for the next four, they induce 2 weeks early and for the last 2 she has gone natural with no pain med or epidural and it has been great. My babies were 9.7 and 9.4 and I delivered just fine. I will be praying for you.



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Hang in there! I remember those last couple days being CRAZY frustrating! You can do it!!! You are about to have a beautiful little one in your arms! And four great little helpers! Take care ~ C.



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Sweetie... you are not going to go insane on tuesday... you have lost it already and that is normal. Your pregnancy hormones are on high... or super high and you will worry about all sorts of things that really dont exist. Cry... it is good for you to get it out. When I was 9 months with mine, all my friends came to help, they cooked cleaned, decorated, I still cried. I was overwhelmed at the thought of having a baby. You may be overwhelmed at the thought of number 5. You have your hands full with 4, but now 5 is coming with a whole new set of demmands. The pressure is on... to see if you make it. You will make it... and you will live to see Wednesday. The day after is the best. And YOU ARE ALLOWED TO CRY EVERY TIME YOU WANT FROM NOW UNTIL THEN. You are normal, your hormones are abit sensitive now, and the overwhelming feeling that you want it over with... wont be over when you have the baby.... it will be with you for months, and will gently fade away. Be good mom. Get some sleep. Even sleeping in a chair. Just rest.



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Hey ladybug!

There is nothing but harmones out of wack. Let's just thank God for the beautyful healthy baby that you are about have.

My car has been out of wack for about 2 months and I have been bombing rides and yesterday I had to walk home from work for the first time. It was about 1 1/2 miles which is not far but I had not exercised in about 2 years. This put me out like a light bulb for about 2 hours. (LOL)

When I woke up and began to look at the news the topic was Haiti. It is amazing how lives can be changed in a blink of an eye. Can you imagine sitting next to your loved ones and then all of sudden the floor collapse and your loved ones are gone.

Your harmones are off, the baby will be here soon, and I know you and your family will enjoy this abundance of joy.

Just take a deep breathe and think about those family reunions later on down the line.

My favorite prayer is the Serenity prayer. If you get a chance, look it up on google.



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Tell your doc how you are feeling just in case you have post partom (sp?) depression. Tell your family that you would appreciate any help that they can give you when you get home. Sleep as much as you need and can get by with. Hang in there.



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In my doula class I was told to drink:
1-2oz unflavored castor oil
4oz root beer
1 scoop of vanilla ice cream
I have given this "concoction" to three people and it has worked every time. The director of the class said that it has a 95% success rate for inducing labor. It probably won't be pleasant for a bit but you might have the baby when it is done. Good luck!!!



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I was 13 days past my due date w/ my second who is now 17 months. I was scheduled for a c-section the following day. I think nipple stimulation is what finally worked for me. I tried everything. But I think ultimately, if your body's not ready, it's just not. He ended up being 10 lbs, 5 oz. I wish I had him vaginally, but it didn't work out and I'm at least glad I was able to try labor myself.



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I would try castor oil. I took the recommended amount (I think it was 2 Tbls.) mixed in with a glass of OJ. It wasn't too bad. With my first son, I was a week away from my due date. I took the castor oil at 8 or 9pm and my water broke at midnight; he was born by 9am the next day. My second son, I was about 2 weeks away from my due date. I took the castor oil and I did NOT go into labor, but I DID have more contractions that day (and some mild diarrhea thanks to the castor oil, but nothing too bad) and when I went to the doctor for my next visit, I had dilated some. So it did progress me along; the doctor did an exam that day and I went into labor that night. I would give it a try.

As far as the emotions go, clearly you're having some hormonal issues, but what's new during pregnancy, right? I would just make sure you have a good support system for after the baby is born in case some of the depression continues. Good luck, it will all be over soon!

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