Post Pardum Depression

Updated on March 03, 2008
T.A. asks from Fallbrook, CA
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I just had a baby girl 2 months ago and I would have never expected to feel the aweful nightmare of PPD! I had an anxiety disorder before I got pregnant but with medication and talk therapy, I managed to have everything under control long before I got pregnant. Now I am dealing with both anxiety and depression, the depression being the worst part. I still don't feel like I have fully bonded with the baby and the depression gets so bad at times that I feel as if I am never going to be happy or functional again. I have recently been put back on medication and I am starting therapy again but I just wish I knew when this is going to go away??? Does anyone have any advice or good news for me re: this issue?



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So What Happened?

Hi all, thanks so much for all the emails and advice over the last 6 months. I now have a wonderful bond with my daughter and the PPD is still present but not nearly as bad as it was a few months back. I am starting to notice that the only time it gets really bad is one week before my menstral cycle and during my menstral cycle so at least 2 weeks out of every month I feel good. Hopefully, as time goes by only one week will be tough a month. Any suggestions for the menstral cycle times that have worked for those of you who have also gone through this or are currently going through this?

Take Care,

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I'm one more who will tell you that you aren't alone. I had PPD so bad with my 1st that I almost didn't want to have another (it doesn't always happen again - so I'm told). Both times I had anxiety and depression so badly - and GUILT for not feeling "so in love" with my baby like everyone said I should. The best thing I did was to find a mommy and me group, like others have mentioned. It forced me to get dressed and out of the house.

The feelings will pass, the meds will slowly start to work and the sun will start shining again. Also try to get outside everyday that will help. Do you have a Las Madres group near you? They were all over when my daugther was little and had very active "play" groups.

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I had horribly debilitating PPD after both my sons births, it wasn't easy, I had to fight for every thought and I had the same fears you did about bonding. It was rugged. We pulled through, I found great resources, emotions anonymous helped as did therapy, prayer, making new friends (mommy and me,) and being gentle with myself. Hang in there momma, it does fade and you have been through a huge change. The birth of a baby isn't always a joy filled event. Be patient, gentle and forgiving with yourself. Remember to take care of yourself first, before baby!

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Hi T., Im sorry to hear you are going through so much after having a little one. I know many woman who have had similar symptoms and they were due to hormonal imbalance. Unfortunetly most doctors do not recognize hormone imbalance as a problem, nor do they test you for it or treat you..they tend to give you the anti-depressants and send you on your way saying it will pass. I am not a doctor and I dont know your medical history but I would definatly check into getting your progesterone back up with a natural bio-identical cream. Our progesterone levels go up as high as 400 when we are pregnant and drop considerably after pregnancy and continues as we age..if you would like more info on this feel free to email me and Ill send you some resources. I also drink a natural energy drink that has a mood enhancing quaility to it and its only 10 calories if your interested I could send you a sample to try it out. Best wishes to your road to wellness..




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Are you nursing? I can help with herbs but I need to know for safety. e-mail me and I'll tell you more :)



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Remember it can take up to 2 weeks to feel the effects of the medication. Have you thought about getting involved with other moms and their babies-Mommy Group? Are you Breastfeeding your baby?? Perhaps getting some fresh air and exercise could help; the weather is getting nice, putting the baby in the stroller and going for a walk.



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Try Mona Vie. It's all natural (not a pill) and helps with depression, stress and fatigue just to name a few.
Here is the website.



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Please do not take any supplements or herbal "treatments" when taking prescribed antidepressants. There can be dangerous interactions. If you do decide to go that route, please do so only in consultation with the prescribing physician and after you have been off of the antidepressants for some time. Also, herbals/supplements are not regulated by the FDA, so there is no guarantee of consistency between one herbal/supplement and another.

When appropriately prescribed and monitored by a qualified, licensed mental health professional, anti-depressants can be life-saving. It sounds like you are doing what you need to do to take care of your physical and mental health, and you need to be healthy to take care of your baby.

Also make sure to get some good social support in the form of mommy and me groups; it really helps to be around others who are going through the same parenting stages. You will find that many of the women in those groups have experienced PPD to some degree.

Mothering is the most wonderful and rewarding, and most demanding job we will ever do. One piece of advice that I did not take (and wish that I had) was to rest when the baby rests. I always felt I had to be cleaning, cooking, doing laundry, etc. In these early months, when regular sleep is so infrequent, it helps to get all the rest you can. Trust me, there will always be time to dust later! : )

It is clear that you are a dedicated, loving mother because you are seeking the help you need to get yourself back on track. Keep going! It will happen!! Be kind, very kind, and patient with yourself. Treat yourself as you would your best friend who was going through the same thing. When you get down on yourself, imagine it is a friend saying that to you. You'd respond with empathy and kindess, right? Well, you deserve the same response! Keep seeking all the support you need, and know that you will return to YOU!

Best of luck to you and your baby!



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Hey there I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone on this. There are many women out there that suffer from this and other disorders as well that involve the help of medication.. I have been on Paxil since the birth of my daughter as well, it is not so much depression as it has to deal with the anxiety of being a parent full time, with little to no help. My medicine has helped me out a great deal, and I am open about the fact that I take my medicine. I do not want any others to feel that what they are feeling are alone in with these feelings. You are not alone, you have taken great steps. Way to go!! It only gets better. I know it is hard right now to bond with your bundle of joy, just remember they are a blessing.. You will be just fine, there is light at the end of the tunnel...



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Hell yeah you are going to get better. you've already done the important stuff. take it minute by minute (because sometimes a day seems so long). You've got the medication thing going and talking and crying with the therapist is going to help alot. definitely start doing the things that you enjoyed before baby but now with baby. i joined a moms club and it was so nice to laugh and commiserate with others even if they weren't going thru post partum. as the baby gets older and more engaging things start looking up even more. this too shall pass.

you're doing great T.. keep up the good work. you will laugh again (and i mean the good stuff, from your gut).

call me if you need an ear ###-###-####)




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Hey T.,
I have a girlfriend that suffered really badly from Post Pardum after she had her twins and she went onto Zoloft and another anti-depressant before she discovered MonaVie - its this amazing Fruit juice that has been doing wonders for Peoples health in all different issues. I live and Disrtribute it in Dana Point and cant say enough about it. Its all natural so you have nothing to loose.. Please contact me if you want more information.
C. ###-###-####

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