How Do You Handle Depression When...

Updated on March 13, 2012
C.R. asks from Olathe, KS
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You can't afford counseling or medication? I can't get out of this funk that I'm stuck in. Last time I was here I had to go to counseling and get on medication. I had to stop that unexpectedly when I lost my job. I have slowly sunk back down to where I was then and I don't know what to do. I have no energy, I don't care about my house not being picked up, I'm not in the"mood", and I'm tired all the time. This is horrible and I need out of this. What would you do? I've tried to only think happy thoughts, playing with my kids, not worrying about stuff in general, and nothing has worked yet. :( :(

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answers from Redding on

Contact your county health department. They often have services for free or sliding scale. They certainly can give you some resources to check into. You may qualify for assistance with medications too.

Your county health department is a really good place to start. And, it's good that you realize you could use some help.

Best wishes to you!

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answers from Houston on

Try taking Saint Johns Wort and Vitamin C supplements regularly on a daily basis.

Also, maintain a structured routine, shower in the morning, eat healthy snacks like almonds, blueberries, trail mix, fresh fruit and veggies, avacodos, hard boiled eggs, fresh smoothies regularly throughout the day. Do about 10 minutes of excersize in the mornings, afternoons and evenings, even if it's just situps, jumping jacks or jogging in place. Get a zumba or yoga dvd or go for a 20 minute walk. There are a lot of ways to help train your body and mind. Say your prayers and read the scriptures. Organize a room. I know severe depression needs meds and therapy usually, but this is a depressive funk you can break out it, it just takes a lot of motivation and hard work! I get depressed easily and these are some of the methods that help me.

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answers from New York on

I'm sorry you are feeling in the dumps. I have struggled with depression my whole life. I also work in the mental health field, and so the first thing I would recommend is researching online to find out if there are any state clinics in your area that take uninsured clients. Most states have funding for mental health. Where I live, one is almost better off without insurance because there are clinics that take only people with no insurance, whereas if you have private insurance you need to spend a long time trying to find someone who takes your plan, may have a high copay, etc.

I would also recommend trying to do one small thing that helps you get out of your rut and feel better. I know that is easier said than done, and for this reason people who don't suffer from depression can be judgmental. "Why don't you exercise? Clean your house, you'll feel better! Eat better. Do something!" They are right that all these things do put you in a better mood, but unfortunately, one of the first things to go out the door is motivation when you are depressed. Every thing seems harder, plus there's a mentality of "Why bother?" So that is why I say try to pick one small thing, and if you can do it each day, good for you. It needs to be something that really makes you feel better.

It could be reading, taking a bath, walking, wearing a nice outfit or doing your hair, playing with children, cooking, but it is so important to give yourself the credit you deserve for doing something that does help fight the depression, and not not beat yourself up when you don't. Some isolation and some depression can be important phases to go through, I believe. But getting stuck in this place is not good. The main thing that helps is staying connected with others and supportive people. This is so hard when you feel bad about yourself. But that is why those tiny steps are so important, they can get you to a point where you want to be around others.
I wish you luck, remember it is a cycle and it will get better!

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answers from Detroit on

My meds were prescribed by my OB, and they are $5 without insurance. "Just sayin"

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answers from Beaumont on

I'd do whatever it took to figure out a way! Your husband and kids need you! Perhaps you can get on your husband's insurance?? Ask your physician that helped you the first time. Ask him/her for some affordable options. Just do it- Wishing you the BEST!!

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answers from Seattle on

Moderate aerobic exercise has been scientifically proven to be just as effective as modern antidepressants. Of course you have to be able to motivate yourself to get out of the house and do it!
Good luck.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I am sorry you are going through this.
Hang in there. You can find a way through this.
-google free healthcare in your area. Not sure you will find what you need
for free but in my area we found a counselor that has a payment plan in
direct proportion to your income (any money you have).
-can you talk to any friends
-do you have family you can talk to?
-you may not just be able to think happy thoughts to get through this
-I think the best thing you can do is talk to a counselor.
-Hang in there and know, sweetie, there is always a way.
-"Being in the mood" comes later. Handle one thing at a time.
It's a viscious cycle: depressed, tired, not wanting to do anything.
You take one single step at a time (meet w/a counselor), poss meds, take one day at a time, make a list of 3 things you are grateful for right now (those are reasons to get help and get better).
-Later come the other things: job, money, financial security. And they will
Have faith & hope. It will get better soon!

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answers from Chicago on

Reach out to family! They love you and want to know you are feeling this way....they will help you. Sometimes it might just take someone to listen to you...but sometimes it does take medication. You need to find a way to get evaluated...and get on medication to equal you out....your family will help you....reach out to them....

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answers from Lansing on

First you don't have to go to counseling in order to have your depression treated! You tell your doctor I know what I have it's a chemical imbalance and I need help. If you are seeing a doctor that requires you to go to counseling in order to treat your depression ask him if his heart patients have to go to counseling as well or his chronic asthmatics? It is a MEDICAL condition going and talking may help but it's not going to go away. If you still can't afford just the meds. look into natural alternatives St. Johns Wart is supposed to help passion flower or skull cap as well. Just make sure and do your research natural remedies can have side affects as well. Whatever you do seek help!! Praying for you!

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answers from Dallas on

I don't know if there are mental health clinics you can contact, but maybe they can direct you to resources to help. I wish you the best! Hugs!

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answers from Seattle on

I suffer from PTSD and I am currently not on any medications. I do have health insurance however am not seeing anyone regarding it due to $$. I keep myself as busy as possible, allow myself to cry and be moody, find even mundane things to make me smile. I vent and cry to my online support groups at I meditate, write, yell, get lost in a good book(if I can concentrate), and exercise.

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answers from Seattle on

Check online at the manufactures web site to see if they have a drug assistance program maybe even free.

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answers from Kansas City on

Exercise helps me when I feel down and actually has become something that I am more likely to do on days when my mood doesn't feel bright. It seems to help. The Y is nice because they offer cost adjustments depending on income and they have child watch as well as a family friendly atmosphere. It can be fun and I have found that I end up laughing at myself sometimes while I'm there, so it lightens me up a bit.

Another thing I want to suggest is that you get your thyroid levels checked - sometimes thyroid issues can be a harbinger of the blues.

And - I highly recommend the Happiness Project (by Gretchen Rubin). It can be lighthearted or serious, you decide that, but it can help to find or face some things that may get you down and some ways that you can enjoy your life more, again, many things that lift your spirits are pretty simply implemented, and sometimes, they are not - but this book has been a catalyst for me as far as directly facing my own happiness and the things that cost me happiness as well.

And, I watch the types of information that I am around as well - sometimes the evening news is just darkness, I turn it off a lot these days and watch the weather channel. I suspect that a lot of us are affected in bigger ways by a compilation of littler things.

Do something nice for yourself today.

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answers from Denver on

You can try st johns wart it's natural and cheap you can ever pick it up at your local Walmart it's a life saver

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answers from Seattle on

***Drug companies will typically give you 1 year's supply for free if your doctor writes them a letter asking them to***

Support groups are typically free

Group therapy is typically low cost

Sliding scale therapists are out there, and many are very good.

School of Social Work & School of Psychology if you're near a college town. Students are not typically experienced, but they're free-very inexpensive.

Catholic Community Services is a PHENOM resource for mental health needs (therapy and meds)

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answers from Nashville on

I have to say ive never went through it and never thought i would until this past year. I was 21 and now 22 with a 2 1/2 year old daughter and 6 months pregnant with our 2nd daughter when my husband was killed in a car accident and he was 28 years old. Hardest thing ever. I was a stay at home mom and he worked. I still feel like it all the time like i just want to die but I keep telling myself my girls need me and my oldest she is just so clingy to me now I cant leave her with anybody. I guess she's afraid im going to leave and not come back. But i still have not got on any meds. I guess because i dont want to be on them.But I still which its been almost a year cry every night and i go shopping all the time to keep me busy. Its a horrible feeling.



answers from St. Louis on

Go buy some St. John's wort tincture at some local health store...

Or online order:

I know these things will help, and are not like prescription drugs that can alter your personality, I haven't taken them personally, but know of those that have and they have worked.


answers from Detroit on

GOD! he got me through. He was my medication, councelor ect...
I started out by searching for a church home, it took a while for me to find the right fit for me in a church and that led to me reading my bible more and understanding who I am and what I should be doing.

God help me find myself and my path and I give him all the credit.



answers from St. Louis on

I haven't read all of your responses. Hopefully you get a lot of positive advice. Myself, I watched my mother struggle with psychiatric drugs for years and refuse to use any of it. Not even going to lie I am going through a bout of deression right now. What I normally do is FORCE myself to start cleaning a part of my house. Being depressed creates a messy house & a messy house creates depression. Sometimes I will take a o-t-c 100mg caffeine pill so that once I start moving it will give me the motivation to continue. Yes, it's still a pill, but it's only one once in a while...never on a daily basis. I don't do the 200mg cuz for me the let down of the energy is dramatic.

I will force myself to exercise....once I was on my elliptical with my head leaning on one of the handles but I made myself do it for 5 is soooo hard when you have lost your motivation but the exercise promotes positive endorphins. I always think of the part in Legally Blonde where they go to trial.

Now when it is nice out I go for a walk everyday, because it is for me & makes me feel better...I love the morning sun. I also go to the gym almost everyday...I had to stop for a month and I am mentally feeling it, but I made myself find time to go back this weekend. It was hard & I couldn't get myself to stay very long but if I keep making myself go I will be better. My mother loves to make me feel guilty about spending this time away from my family, but its best for my family if I do this. I got the $10 membership so it is not taking much from us financially.

Do something selfish for yourself. An at home pedicure, read a book, something that is just for you and you enjoy. I found between working two jobs (I am not now, but was) running to soccer practices, school meetings, taking care of the house, kids & animals I was exhausted and doing nothing for myself. One night as much as I needed the sleep & felt guilty...I lied to my family & said I had to work a night that I didn't & spent it focusing on me...even with the lack of sleep I felt so much better having taken a breather.

Volunteer for something that you support...helping others generally gives a sense of being/purpose and its nice to know that we can help and be a part of something positive, as long as it is not taking you so much time that it becomes a stress issue

I know when I start feeling depressed I start having a lot of negative thoughts. I learned to start recognizing those & I ask myself why would think that & I try to change it to a positive thought. It takes self acknowledgement.

Are you everybody's slave?? Do you get any help around the house? Are you trying to be everybody's everything, as we as women are so often taught we need to be??? I know I was. My mom had instilled in me if I did this or didn't do that I would be considered a bad mom, so did my ex. You don't have to be superwoman to be a good mom/wife.

Years ago I worked in a counseling center and I read an article that was actually in Cosmo magazine called...Do I Need
This Pill to be Happy. It was an enlightening article about a woman that was on meds because of a rough patch but she finally realized it was just a tool and she had to change her way of thinking if she ever wanted off of the meds and she did. I always think back to that and tell myself it's all in how I want to look at things.

Life gets to us...all of are great but they can be demanding and it can get's not easy...flat out sucks at times, but the good times make the rest all worth while.

Good are a strong woman and you can pull through this!!!

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