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How to Travel with Homemade Babyfood?

My husband and I are going to be taking a 3 day trip. We will be driving. I was just wondering if anyone has any advice on how to travel with homemade babyfood. I've never given my son jarred food and I don't really care to so I'm just trying to find a way to keep his food for that many days.

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Gerber Baby Food Plastic Containers

With all the news coverage about concerns over plastics I've started checking the recycling codes on all the stuff our son uses. I noticed over the weekend that Gerber Baby food comes in plastic with a recycle code of 7 - which has been reported to contain BPA. I've emailed the company and for the time being have switched to brands (Earth's Best) that come in glass containers - but really miss the variety that Gerber offered. Any advice on making baby food at home or resources that explain how to make baby food? I'm pretty short on time...


Taking a Trip

Hello Moms, It has been a while, I hope all is well with all mothers. I...


Long Road Trip!!

Hello fellow moms, My husband and I are going on a road trip with our 23...

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When Is the Right Time to Start a Family?

My husband and I have been married for 2 years and are thinking of starting a family. I go back and forth thinking 'now' is the right time. I hear from many people that having children when you're young is so much easier than waiting. But then I hear to wait more than a couple of years after you get married so that you have time to enjoy the 'just us' stage. I want to stay at home with the baby when we decide to have one, but I have to keep my job, just working 2 days a week or something. I've started planning things out in my head,...


Where to Vacation???

So my husband and i are thinking of taking a vacation togeather next year...