In the Womb: Child

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How to Move On

how to move on after a separation (divorce)

Checkups & Ultrasounds

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When to Tell 5 Year Old About Pregnancy

I'm about 4 weeks pregnant with baby #2 and I'm wondering when to tell our 5 year old son. I don't want to tell him too early just because it would be difficult to explain if something bad were to happen and I wouldn't want to crush him. ... but waiting until first trimester is over seems EONS away! When did you tell your children about a new pregnancy?

Second Trimester

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6 Year Old Scared After a Miscarriage

So as you can tell from my last couple posts I have recently had 2 miscarriages after infertilty problems. Anyway both of these pregnancies my son knew we were pregnant (the first time we told him and the second he was asking questions about it). Anyway lately I have had a doctors appt every 2 weeks as follow-ups. Well for the last 2-3 weeks(since the last miscarriage) my 6 year old has been crying all the time when I am around. He is not acting this way around my husband or babysitter or friends unless I am around. So after a huge...

Third Trimester

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3Rd Trimester Blues and Surprise Girl

I've been feeling great 2nd trimestesr, but my first trimester I had a hard time dealing with the hormones and getting the blues and anxiety. Now i'm a week away from the 3rd trimester and it's back. Just wondered if anyone else has experienced this in their third tri or am I just a weirdo? We also found out we're having a girl...not something I expected or really anticipated, so are there any general things people can tell me about girls....nice things, bad things, hard things? It sounds silly since I'm a girl but...raising a girl is...