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The Talk Survey..

D.K. asks from Denver

So, I have been talking to a few friends, even my older brother about when it is time to start having "the talk" with my seven year old. Some say she is too young, ot...


I Need to Talk It Out

T.K. asks from Dallas

Half the time, by the end of my post I have figured out what is best. I'm hoping that happens today. I was looking at the pile of gifts I need to wrap for my kids an...


"The Talk" with My Daughter

T.S. asks from Oklahoma City

Ok, so I've looked all over this website, but I haven't found one post on this issue... At what age should you talk with your daughter about her body and her period? ...


Toddlers Talking

C.J. asks from Appleton

Hi, I have a 22 month old daughter who is a jabber mouth!! She's hilarious and totally knows what she's talking about. The problem is that it's almost like she doesn...


How and Where to Start "The Talk"?

J.C. asks from Detroit

My daughter is a very mature 9 yr old. I have read so many different things about what age to have the talk. Do I tell her about body changes and sex (where babies c...


How Should We Talk to My Son About This

S.M. asks from New York

I've been finding womens underwear in my 12 year old sons drawer. We haven't address this issue with him yet, however I did toss the underwear out. He has to know th...


Should I Have Went over to Talk?

M.H. asks from Madison

Today I was volunteering at a place I normally volunteer at. I was planning to take over a task that I usually do to help someone. The person in charge came out to...


The Period Talk

A.B. asks from New York

HI Ladies, My cousin just found out that her daughter's school is going to have the period talk with the fourth grade girls at the end of March. She and I were bot...


The Sex Talk

P.A. asks from Dallas

A friend of mine told my 8 years old son and his own son (also 8) what sex really is. He told them about the physical act! He was not ready! He is very curious and we...


The Sex Talk

S.C. asks from Chicago

This came up at work today. How old were your kids when you had "the talk?" And do you have advice on what to say? I'd like to be open with my kids (age approp...