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How Do I Start "The Talk"?

M.H. asks from Phoenix

My son is 9 years old and he has said a few things that he learned at his dad house or from school that concern me and alert me that I need to have "The Talk" with hi...


Late Talker?

S.C. asks from Des Moines

My son will be 18 months in a coupe of weeks. And he does NOT talk! He'll occaisionally say Mama, but that's it. He is VERY verbal-- he just speaks "Isaac-ese" ins...


Tips for Talking

C.C. asks from Miami

I have a two year old baby but since he watches tv in one language and we speak in other,now he has became in a late talking baby. Do you have any tips for make him ...


Toddler Not Talking

C.G. asks from San Diego

Hello everyone my name is C. .I HAVE A QUESTION ABOUT MY 2YR OLD.Well i have three boys.9/2/3 YRS OLD and all a hand full.Well my concern is about my 2 yr old.He is n...


Child Not Talking

T.K. asks from New Orleans

My son is now 16 months old and is not talking yet. He says a few words, like mommy and daddy and bubba for his baby brother, but that is it. I was just wondering is...


Talking to My Teen?

M.M. asks from Springfield

Okay so i have a 6 kids, 4 boys and 2 girls. My 14 year old girl has reccently been noticing males a little more lately, and ive been trying to give "the talk" but it...


Learning to Talk

A.B. asks from Pittsburgh

i am wondering if my daughter is behind? she barley talks, she only says a few words here and there. she's not saying sentences yet. she says uhoh, oh no, momma, dad...


Talking Back?

L.B. asks from Minneapolis

I have a neighbor that has a daughter that will argue with anything yu say, and talks back a lot. My son does the same thing ocasionaly any help?


Who Do You Talk to About Your Life/relationship?

J.B. asks from Houston

Hey mamas, I think I am asking a question that is just not really answerable, but I guess I am just a little down at the moment. I just feel like I have no-one in m...



A.Y. asks from Houston

My son has always been very "spirited"....he's been "more" of everything. Requires more, wants more, loves more, gives more, more energy, exhausts his parents more, e...