Signs & Symptoms: Infant

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Early Signs

N.I. asks from New York

I was wondering if anyone can tell me what early signs they might have noticed that gave them a hint that they were pregnant. My period isn't due for a few days. My...


Signs of Teething

R.S. asks from New York

Hi everyone, wanted 2 know wht r the signs of teethin? My daughter is 3months & she's suckin on her fingers & startin 2 drool a lot! Is it 2 early 4 her 2 b teethin?


Teething Signs????

M.L. asks from Boca Raton

My son is 7 months old and has been drooling like a mad man for about 3 months (which I know is a sign of teething) BUT over the last 3 days he has now started to puk...


Signs of Pregnancy

M.H. asks from Phoenix

My husband and I have decided to go on this conception adventure:) I've been off the pill for about 4 months now and it seems like everyone around me is pregnant. I...


Signs of Pregnancy

A.F. asks from New York I'm embarrassed to actually ask this. Could I be pregnant? I have been pregnant before but concieved through IVF so EVERYTHING was so calculated and planned...


Teething Signs?

N.B. asks from Austin

This is a much debated topic amongst the experts so I wanted to get some experience from some Moms. My baby has the swollen gums and is clingy and needy, a runny nose...


Signs of Reflux

K. asks from San Antonio

Can anyone tell me what the signs of acid reflux are in a newborn? My daughter is a month old and formula fed. After she finishes a bottle she always sounds like she ...


Baby Showing Signs of Autism?

A.D. asks from Dallas

My 6 month old girl, 5 months adjusted, does not seem interested in me, or people in general. It is hard to get her attention, but when you can, she makes eye contact...


Austim Signs and Symptoms?

S.H. asks from Washington DC

I was just womdering how early your child was diagnosed and what were the symptoms? My son is very curious, playful, makes eye contact, (although not for long) respo...


Miscarriage Symptoms

K.F. asks from Albuquerque

Hi! My name is K.. I was wondering how to know if you have miscarried for sure? I have done my research online about miscarriage symptoms & know that they are similar...