Teething Signs?

Updated on July 23, 2009
N.B. asks from Brunswick, ME
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This is a much debated topic amongst the experts so I wanted to get some experience from some Moms. My baby has the swollen gums and is clingy and needy, a runny nose, and she gets sparatically blotchy around her eyes. She isn't sleeping very well either and is drooling a river. We are going to see her pedia next week but I still wanted to ask if the running nose and facial blotching are signs of teething. We were at my friends house on sunday and she has four children, two cats and three dogs. I don't know if the runny nose and sneezing is part of teething or allergies from the animals. If it is allergies shouldn't it have cleared up by now? Can babies have allergies at 4 mos? Anyway, the teething remedies seem to soothe her; the teething tablets, oragel and cold teething toys. i use the vapor plug at night for her nose. I'd appreciate any information. Thanks!

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answers from McAllen on

Yes, kids can have allergies at any age. Both my children have suffered from allergies since they were babies, and are now on daily medication for the allergies.

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answers from Houston on

Sounds like typical teething symptoms to me. But, yes, babies can have allergy problems. Just monitor her.



answers from Houston on

Dear Nora. I'm a mom of five and my oldest is 21 and the youngest is 9. Everyone of my children had runny noses, drewl, pulling at the ear, and wanting to chew on things, when they were teething. I don't remember any spots or rash on there faces.
They were fussy during the teething process. Those teeth are having to arupt. Meaning force there way through those gums. The first teeth are always the roughest. Baby Motrin or Tylenol as well as the orajel will help. I use to rub small pieces of ice on there gums if they were real fussy or even just rub the gums with my finger. I hope this will help.



answers from Waco on

Hi Nora,
Allergies can be born into children- at birth- but symptoms can appear any time. The cats and dogs could be a cause even tho you have not been around them for a few days- there can still be residue on things they may be touching- and, it her symptoms can also be a teething reaction- it is really hard to tell- but teething can cause all sorts of crazy things with little ones. Just keep doing what you are doing to soothe her.
good luck and blessings



answers from Corpus Christi on

Those are allergic reactions. Probably the cat and/or dog. Plus, allergies don't cure overnight. Plus, at any age anyone can have an allergy reaction.



answers from College Station on

That sounds like teething to me. 4mo can have allergies. They would clear up if the allergy were to the cat or dog. She may be allergicto something else as well. Anything in your mouth can affect your head, neck and shoulders. I would hesitate to use the oragel and just stick with the teething tablets. I just personally do not like giving a child so young anesthetics.

I also feel they can run fevers while teething.

Good Luck and I hope she cuts her teeth several at a time! Make teething MUCH shorter!


answers from Austin on

Yes that blotchyness can be from the teething. Some kids even get a rash. They can be allergic to their own saliva. When she is awake consider keeping a bib on her.

All of the things you listed are classic teething signs.. Sounds like you are doing a good job.



answers from Victoria on

the blotchy eyes and runny noses sounds like allergies...yes they can have allergies at this age . the good news is they have gentle meds that they can take. our son did and has he is a year and a half. but it also sounds like she is teething. tell the doctor and ask for some sample allergie meds...some worked well while others seemed to do nothing. if she seems really fussy i would give her a bit of infant tylenol to help her. this is coming from a woman that rarely will take medication and was and am very leary of giving my son any medication. which he takes like its a treat!!!! good luck. hope your baby feels better soon.

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