Austim Signs and Symptoms?

Updated on November 24, 2008
S.H. asks from Fredericksburg, VA
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I was just womdering how early your child was diagnosed and what were the symptoms? My son is very curious, playful, makes eye contact, (although not for long) responds to his name and can do simple tasks like "give mama the...". I do have concerns about his speech and ability to communicate. He rarely points to anything. He cries and whines for what he wants. He will not attempt to make any words. Also, he isnt walking yet and when he does try, he falls and cannot seem to balance his weight. I know all of this may be normal but any advice you can give would be appreciated. YOu can also see my pp "anyone else have a 14 month old like this". Thanks again

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So What Happened?

Thanks for responding. My son has been VERY FUSSY the last few days and not sleeping well. I took him to the Dr. today and he has a doubble ear infection with fluid in both ears. The Dr. says I should have his hearing tested and we will go from there. My 4 year old has had chronic ear infections and recently had tubes put in her ears. Although she was never speech delayed, my son may need therapy depending on results of hearing test. I have an appt with an ENT April 17th. Thanks again.

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Hi S.!!!

From what you have written, it doesn't seem that you have really big cause for concern, BUT! I would definitely keep your eyes open and be very observant. Because autism is so prevalent and the spectrum carries a range of symptoms and everyone is very individual to where they fall on the spectrum, you are probably gonna get alot of opinions. My son is three. He was assessed by our local infants&tods program at eighteen months. He was diagnosed with autism at 2 by a dev. pediatrician. Counties can't diagnose autism or even SAY that your child falls anywhere on the spectrum, but they assessed and found that my son met the criteria of a 25% dev. delay in areas of cognition, expressive and receptive communication, and fine motor skills. He made no eye contact, did not talk, walked on his tiptoes for a long while, and had a sensory issue with brick and concrete texture (He wants to touch it ALL the time). He also does head banging, which he has been doing since about 7 or eight months. I say all this to say, with it being so prevalent, it wouldn't hurt to have you local program for your county come out and have him assessed. There is research and talk of implementing plans for the early detection of autism, because a lot of children are not diagnosed until they are a certain age, because the belief is that you can't "tell" for sure when they are so young. My hubby and I were concerned with the head banging at seven or eight months, and were told by our nurse practicioner that he would grow out of it, but he still does it. I hope this helps!!!!

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My daughter is 2 1/2 and I got her evaluated in October. She has had a history of ear-infections and currently does have tubes. She did not walk until after we got the tubes put in. I did notice that her speech wasn't to where I wanted it to be. She wasn't talking and was doing alot of tantrums and fits. She would talk but it was VERY rare. Now, she has been evealuated and in speech therapy! I had several friends tell me she was autistic, including my hubby. It was hard but I got her evaluated. She has been diagnosed with a developmental delay. She has a delay in her speech and cognative skills. I have seen a HUGE change in her since we got help, and her teacher has said that she's improving also. She is trying to use her words and she is taking me to things when she doesn't know what it is. We still have our moments though. She is in the terrible twos! If you need the number to the Infants and Toddlers program let me know! It is free and they will comwe to your home until your child turns 3. It won't hurt to at least get evaluated! In the mean time, just talk to him non-stop. For example: My daughter loves books. Instead of reading the book, we point things out in the pictures and talk about them. When you go on walks, name everything you see.

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My son is seven now and he was diagnosed at age six. He was very playful. He also looks at me and others but not for long. My son has been in speech theropy since he was two years old. He can communicate now but still has a hard time telling me how he feels. My son was 14 months before he started to walk. He didn't talk until he was 3 1/2. Wasn't trained to use the bathroom until he was almost 4 years old. The best thing I can do for you is to tell you you are his mother you know your child if you feel like something isn't right then get help. A Developmental Specialist will help the best he will tell you to get a speech theropist. And will help you to medicaly know more about your child. Again you are his mother and you know what is best for your child even if we as mothers don't want to face the truth. But we have these great little boys and we own it to them. If we don't fight for our children no one else will. If you ever need to talk write and I will answer. Even if it takes me alittle bit of time. I don't get on the internet alot because everytime I do I spent to much time on it. Have a great day.

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i know i am late in this, but wanted to say that there are a lot of kids who respond well to glutine free & dairy free diets.

we have friends whose child was diagnosed with spectrum disorder at 2, and has come leaps and bounds since switching to this diet.

except for speach delay, he's just a normal & healthy kid.

work with your ped. -- it's still really early in your son's development! a lot of kids don't walk / talk until 18 months or later! everyone's different.

you're in our thoughts ~

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Stephania did he coe as an infant? the fact that he isn't talking does say much. trust me. give it time. i usually am all for testing and evaluating but truthfully your son is so young. he just hasn't found his 'speech yet.'but they are supposed to be making sounds, sounds not words.
you may want to start a list of the letters/sounds he is using. that way you can sit back and look at the list and decide for yourself whether you're expactations are high for his age or whetehr he really needs to be evaulated
good luck



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What you describe doesn't sound alarming. I would get him evaluated anyway, like you're doing. There are alot of symptoms to Autism spectrum disorders and a diagnosis of it meets specific criteria. You could go to to learn more. Don't freak out yet if you see that he fits some of the description. Just because you have a few symptoms doesn't mean you have it. Provide the professionals evaluating him as much information about him as you can and prayerfully wait to hear the results. You will be a very important part of the process. Good luck.



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Take your child to the infant-toddler program if you're concerned. But there are a lot of things that could be going on. It could be nothing.

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