Shots & Vaccines: 24 Hour

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How to handle fever after shots on infant?

J.K. asks from Lubbock

I am a first time mother with a four month old. He had his second round of shots yesterday and did great all day. I gave tylenol every 4 hours until bedtime and then ...


Flu Vaccination

A.T. asks from Boise

Just curious what others are thinking about flu/H1N1 vaccines for parents and children? I fit into the 'alternative vaccine' category-- meaning that we have been rea...


Two Month Shots

D.B. asks from Los Angeles

My son had his two month shots three days ago and he is still acting very fussy and he is having a hard time taking naps during the day. Is it normal for him to be st...


24 Hour a Day 7 Days a Week Morning Sickness

N.A. asks from Las Vegas

Any ideas on how to get through my all day long morning sickness. i'm only about a month along and i'm sick all the time or feel sick. with my first son i was sick fo...


Should I Get My Daughter Her 9 Month Vaccines?

N.G. asks from Portland

My daughter has had extreme digestive issues since her first set of vaccinations. She does not sleep very well. She throws up and spits up a lot. She also has trou...


Vaccines... Yes or No?

V.W. asks from Minneapolis

What are some good, reliable resources to help me make the decision on whether or not to vaccinate my child?


Vaccination - Adverse Reaction?

M.L. asks from Chicago

Hi everyone! I'm wondering if anyone's children or anyone they know have had an adverse reaction to a vaccination.... I'm wondering if my son has. Since April (whe...


Fever 24 Hrs After DTP and Hepatitis a Vaccines

M.M. asks from Detroit

My 18 month old just got his DTP and Hepatitis A vaccines on Thursday evening. He woke up this morning with a fever (102) and we have been struggling to keep it down ...


4 Month Old Started Verbalizing and Stopped After 4 Month Old Immunizations

L.R. asks from Washington DC

My 4 month old niece started to verbalize at 3 to 3 1/2 months old. We were very excited. At four months she had another set of immunization shots. She had a fever...


Baby Not Sleeping After Vaccines

M.M. asks from Buffalo

My 5 month old had his shots on Monday. Before this he was up twice a night to eat and slept 10.5-11 hours. Since Monday his sleep is getting increasingly worse. Last...