Vaccines..Yes Or NO????

Updated on October 17, 2011
M.R. asks from Salt Lake City, UT
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I have done a lot of research on vaccines and all that I could find are really bad things! Like toxins in them, human and animal tissue I don't know what to do. I have a baby due in May and I'm finding it hard to decide whether I should vaccinate or not. I spoke to my Dr. and she basically just tried to pressure ME to get vaccines myself! I just want pros and cons! I want to vaccinate but with my first daughter we had a lot of problems after vaccinating. Is there any mothers out there who have your children exempt? and if so how is it going for you? What are the chances of my child getting diseases if I choose not to vaccinate?
I really would appreciate all comments! Thank you!

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answers from Denver on

They have different vaccination schedules so you can space them apart so they don't get them all at the same time. I vaccinated my kids and don't regret it, both are fine. Here is what is going to happen since vaccinations are "sooo bad" and a lot more kids are going unvaccinated, there will be major outbreaks of totally preventable deadly diseases and these kids who are not vaccinated will be effected and there will be a lot more unnecessary deaths. just my two cents.

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answers from Los Angeles on

M., when I had my first 11yrs ago the only one that I deferred until they were over 2 was the Hepatitis B vaccine. They were giving it to the babies before going home from the hospital. Now they changed the policy and don't give it so young, anymore. I would say to do the ones that are respiratory related(Hep B is a blood to blood contact disease), polio, whooping cough. I don't ever give my kids the flu shot and you know what? They haven't gotten the flu, yet.

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answers from Columbus on

You have heard a bunch of fear mongering and hysteria. I only know one family who ever had a real issue with vaccines, and that was an allergy. It is very rare. Vaccines are one of the most helpful discoveries ever for man kind. We live in a very safe modern world where children are expected to live through birth, childhood and into adulthood and have a long life. We expect that, because of things like vaccines and good nutrition and medical care. The modern world that makes us safe actually gives us the opportunity to reject modernity in the first place. If you lived 100, 200, or 300 years ago, you would jump at any avaliable vaccine to keep your child out of the grave yard. Visit an old grave yard, and look at the birth and death dates. Pay careful attention to any from 1918, it should give you pause.

If you lived in Sub Saharian Africa now, you would walk for days to get them for your children. When half of your children die in your lifetime, you protect them. We don't think about what vaccines have done for us when we have this debate. They actually made the whole debate possible, because they do such a good job of protecting us that we have forgotton that families were regularly devistated by the death of multiple children from each and every family from desease that we routinly prevent with vaccine.

Right now, pertusis is sweeping through my city. I bet there are plenty of places between Ohio and California that are going through the very same thing. Pertusis is very contagious. Nobody can tell you what your chances are, what you want to know is, what are your chances of running into somebody who has one of these deseases, because if you do, your child's chances become much greater. Can you tell if someone just got off a plane from somewhere out of the country? Can you tell if that cold is really the start of pertusis?

Right now, many states have given in to the movement and you can opt out of vaccines without lying about it anymore. When the movement started, you had to lie and say that your religion prohibited vaccine, but this is not so anymore.

If everyone cannot do something, it is wrong for one person to do it. If we all cut in line, we have chaos. Check out what is going on with pertusis, listen to babies who have it, look at the pictures of them while they struggle to breathe. Then, look at your babies. This is what happens when nobody waits in line...

If I were you, I would get vaccines. If your daughter had a fever with the vaccines, get her some tylenol. If your daughter has a developmental delay, it was not caused by vaccines, and she is the last child on earth who needs to get one of the illnesses that vaccines can prevent. I have two children with autism, they were born with it, and I could find hundreds of coincidences from pony rides to wearing shoes to say caused it, but what caused it is genetics, and this would be the case for you too.

If you are not vaccinated, you should get them. I don't know about you, but if I passed a virus to someone at the grocery store, and they died, I would feel horrible.

I like lines.


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answers from Salt Lake City on

I am sure you love your child very much and want the best for her, however we do not live in a world by ourselves and every action we take can effect the people we interact with. Your child is not likely to get sick unless she comes in contact with another child or adult who has also choosen not to get a vacination. Why not take just a small minute and think about the other children you may affect by not getting your child vaccinated?

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answers from Norfolk on

A disease will cause more harm than any vaccine will.
'Experts' who claim vaccines are so bad usually have quite a lot to sell.
That makes their 'advice' marketing - and they'll tell you anything to make a sale.
I've yet to find a single such 'expert' who is an actual biochemist who actually works with petri dishes, autoclaves and microscopes.
Osteopaths are not qualified to be vaccine experts, and there is at least one US district court that has stated exactly that point.
Some of these people did not vaccinate, and some of their kids died of preventable diseases:
With diseases becoming more and more resistant to antibiotics, prevention becomes crucial.

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answers from Dover on

I agree w/ Julie B.

Vaccines help protect our children against all kinds of avoidable, potentially life threatening, illnesses. Yes, there are risks but there are risks involved with every day life...riding in a car, crossing the street, riding in a plane but we do these things every day. Not vaccinating you child puts your child and everyone one else's at risk. There are some people who are not able to be vaccinated because of health conditions and babies that are too young. So those without those legitimate reasons really need to be vaccinated, otherwise they run the risk of developing the illnesses and passing it to those that can't be vaccinated. That is how epidemics are started. If necessary, space some of them out but vaccinate! Getting exempt from vaccines is risking for everyone (not just your child but those he or she comes into contact with).

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answers from Charlotte on


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answers from Dallas on

Just understand, any advice you get on here is NOT accurate, medical advice. It is opinion. The people who are very pro vaccine are usually VERY pro vaccine. Anyone who doesn't vaccinate is irresponsible and crazy. The people who are very anti vaccine can be VERY anti. You will do irreversible damage by injecting your children. I 100% believe fear mongering happens incredibly...on both sides of the debate. Vaccines are simply not as safe as the FDA and CDC would have you believe...and they aren't as deadly as anti-vaccine groups would have you believe. Here's the thing...some people can get them and be perfectly fine and some people can get them and have terrible adverse reactions. It's really hard to know what side your on. There is no research, on how vaccines effect us in the long-term.Therefore, you have to make your OWN decision. Keep doing your research. Get the Dr. Sears Vaccine Book. It tells how common the diseases and the likelihood of contracting them. It also gives some ingredients and side effects. Honestly, it's the only book I've found, that comes close to being middle of the road. He does give delayed schedules, but mostly it's helpful to know more about the diseases. I feel the book gives very good information on statistics involved with the diseases.

I was never vaccinated as a child or now as an adult...and I just about the healthiest person you could meet. Never really been sick in my life. We chose (through careful research, education, and thought) not to vaccinate my son and he has never been sick. Is it not vaccinating, or is it genetics? We'll never really know. We made the best decision, for US. Families who choose to vaccinate, make the best decision for THEM. Do the same for you. Just make an educated decision, whether you go either direction. Keep researching and educating yourself, and you'll come to your own decision.

I would take very lightly, people saying you are going to die from a vaccine preventable illness OR from a vaccine. It is quite rare, for a healthy person to die from a treatable illness, even children. It is also rare, for a healthy person to die from a vaccine, even children. Have they and do they both happen...sure. Not nearly as often as anyone thinks. Try NOT to listen to the extremes fear mongering, and that will help a lot.

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answers from Philadelphia on

All four of my kids have their vaccinations. My oldest will be 15. They have had no negative side effects.

I agree with many of the posts below. We have come so far to stop the spread of diseases. Why go backwards? Funny how more mothers are saying no to vaccines...and whooping cough is running rampid. What is going to come next? I have heard the stories of my grandparents. They lost relatives to polio, tetnus...all kinds of preventable diseases. Please think about this.

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answers from Seattle on

Con: He might be allergic to one or more components of the vaccine
Practically : He might be allergic to anything on the planet from peanuts to bees
Fix : Know the signs of anaphylaxis and treat accordingly

Pro: Not dying, going blind, febrile seizures, brain damage, paralysis, permanent scarring, or infecting someone else who goes on to have one of the above.

To Know:
- A fever, swelling, fatigue are all signs that an immunizaion is *working* because those are signs that our immune system has kicked on.
- The idea that immunizations cause any kind of developmental delay was debunked when the studies first came out (they didn't pass peer review) in the medical community, they have *finally* been debunked in the public sphere. Much the same way that "the world is flat" was never thought to be true by those who were educated, but there was debate as to the actual shape of the earth (round, ellipse, etc.) but the general population really did believe the world was flat. The original study was sooooo flawed that it was laughed out of town (it included an entire school for autistic kids in it's sample... if it had included a school for gifted kids the result would have been that immunizations make kids gifted). It's like trying to find out how many christians are in the world by polling the Catholic Church.

- Chances? Increasing daily as more and more people choose not to vaccinate (see herd immunity).

To google : Herd Immunity, Mortality & Morbidity of each illness we vaccinate for (emedicine is fantastic if you speak medicalese &/or have a science background... medscape is the english translation).

EX) Measles

Common (meaning 50% or more)
- otitis media (inflamation of the inner ear, often leading to deafness)
- 5 different kinds of pneumonia - including not just lungs but also fluid surround the heart, often causing heart failure
- encephalomyelitis (inflammation of the brain and / or spinal cord ... causes Multiple Sclerosis type symptoms either permanently or temporarily, seizure, brain damage, death)

Rare (skipping... but all are much much worse than what is listed above)

1 in 1000 measles patients develop acute encephalitis (swelling of the brain) leading to brain damage and death.

Is the leading cause of death of children, period. Case fatality is highest amongst those under the age of 5. Highest fatality amongst infants between the ages of 4-12mo. Some STELLAR organizations got hundreds of millions of measles vaccines out in the world over the past 10 years and dropped the average number of deaths down from 750,000 to 197,000. (Remember those numbers the next time the media gets all excited about 50 people dying from swine flu, or 12 people from avian flu. 750,000 v 50 or 12. Heck... even the NEW numbers of 197,000 v 50 or 12.) The only place in the entire world measles is going UP is in our own country.

A child under the age of 5 who contracts measles usually dies. Even with hospitals and modern medicine that can drill holes in their skulls to relieve the pressure on their brains and do open heart surgery to drain the fluid from the pericardium so their hearts can continue beating.

The reason why your doctor is pushing you to immunize is because that's only ONE disease out of all of the ones that we see IN THIS COUNTRY. Baby cries for less time than it takes to heat up a bottle and may be cranky feverish for a day or so versus the above.

Google the actual diseases. Learn about them. Then decide how much you want to risk an allergic reaction vs catching the illnesses themselves. Some people aren't afraid of the illnesses that we vaccinate against. That's usually because they've never actually seen it.

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answers from San Francisco on

There have been outbreaks of whooping cough this past winter because some people choose not to vaccinate. Babies under 6 months get very sick and can die from this. They get it from adults who have it. The fewer people who are vaccinated the more whooping cough is floating around and the more likely babies are to encounter the illness. All of the vaccinations exist to prevent people from dying or becoming severely disabled (think polio). If you think there's nothing positive about vaccinations look up the statistics in poor countries (who can't afford to vaccinate) of deaths from the diseases we vaccinate against. And, yes, you should get vaccinated. Imagine how horrible you'd feel if your baby caught whooping cough from you and died.

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answers from Dallas on

One of the other moms on a flu vaccine question posted a link to The Doctor Within website. It has one of the most informative articles about vaccinations that I have read
He is a doctor who has actually done the research on vaccines- and no, he is neither for or against ALL vaccines. There are some with which he has concerns and does not recommend. But this is, by far, the best information I have come across- that is unbiased. My first two are vaccinated, my third had his first round and then I didn't feel comfortable with him getting any more. The other two don't have theirs either. I might consider doing some of the vaccines when they are older. I do not agree with the chicken pox vaccine at all. It doesn't give you lasting immunity against chicken pox(that's why you have to have a booster shot- I think they are up to 2 boosters for that one). If yo get it as a child- it is relatively mild- although uncomfortable- but as an adult, it can cause severe complications.
Anyway, all you can do is get all the information that you can and then do what feels best for your family. That might not help you much- but it's what I have done. Getting exemptions from immunizations is bothersome, but it's not too bad(besides the dirty looks I get from the school nurse!)

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answers from Tucson on

i have 3 kids 11,9 and 19 months..i have all 3 of my children exempt from vaccines and they are doing just fine! i will tell you that i will get the shots if needed (like if there was an outbreak of polio or something) and my daughter did step on a rusted piece of metal and i took her to have a tetnus shot...also you could do a modified immunization plan and just spread the shots out over a longer period of time!

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answers from Missoula on

Vaccines don't mean immunity. You keep hearing about these outbreaks of diseases right? Well, more than half of those kids who gets the disease were fully vaccinated against the disease. I don't vaccinate. At your childs birth don't let her get the vitamin K or the hep B or even the goup in their eyes. It's all unecessary. Ask for the oral dose of vitamin K instead. This shot has been linked to childhood leukemia. The polio shot gives a person polio because it is a live virus shot. Go to Dr. Tenpenny's page on facebook and become a fan. You can post this question and get tons of info. Look at he FAQ tab on her page also. Tons of info.

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answers from Atlanta on

We do immunize, but we don't do the "super shots." Any of the combo vaccines are split up and given several weeks apart. That way, the immune system isn't getting bombarded. I totally agree with you that all the preservatives and toxins are very scary! Because of this, I'm not sure if we'll vaccinate the second time around (especially for things that are only contagious through sharing dirty needles or unsafe sex!) Good luck with your decision!

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answers from New York on

vaccines are important..the diseases can be deadly.. and with so many people coming into this country it is important. I didn't vaccinate for the flu.. or for chickenpox.. i think a child can fight both of these. Just never get a shot when the baby is sick or has a cold. my neighbor will only let her doctor give one shot per visit.. sometimes they want to give them like 3 or 4.. she says no way... and i think she is right.. so she spreads them out.. good luck.. and bless your baby..

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answers from Dover on

Stupid Idiots do your research and find out more!!!!!! These vaccines are causing deaths and autism and they are NOT HELPING they are making things WORSE! Did you know that before this they would have you actually GET the virus so that the next time you had it you wouldn't get it as bad?! Babies are and HAVE BEEN dying because of FETAL tissue in the vaccines! Do your research you RETARDS!


answers from Provo on

I'm like Lindsey K. But I spread out ALL of my shots. I fully support the idea of shots, but HATE and LOATH all of the ingredients of the vaccines. And hate how many they get in one stop. So I decided to spread out them. Most doctors have it "brainwashed" into their head to vaccinate. I know several doctors who haven't gotten any flu or booster shots. Have you looked into a ped that would support your decision? You really need a good support system from the ped. "shop around" for the perfect doctor.
I have also opted out for some vaccines like the chicken pox and flu because I find them unnecessary. Have you read Dr. Sears vaccine book? I would. He doesn't have a for or against stance but gives you the facts. I highly suggest it.



answers from Cleveland on

I havent read the other responses, so someone may have mentioned this already. Get the vaccine book by Dr. Sears. GREAT info. It gives you all the background, pros and cons and then you can decide for yourself. There is an alternative vaccine schedule in the book that we are following. Some vaccines ARE neccessary. Ex: whooping cough. If your infant gets that disease they can die,it's very serious and there are recent reported cases. Where we live there have been young babies who have had it and died.

On the flip side, Hep B vaccine in my opinion NOT neccessary. Is my INFANT going to have sex, shoot up, or get a tattoo? Don't think so. So we opted out of that shot for now. When he's older, it can be a consideration. Honestly, get that book. It is a great resource, and the best part is that it doesnt try to sway you wither way. If your Dr. isnt going to support your choices find a new one. Most Dr.s will try to sway you because they get HUGE kickbacks from pharaceutical companies. So be prepared and educated. My Dr. did agree to our choices, but still "mentions" how "safe" all vaccines are. Good luck!



answers from Boca Raton on

There are many posts on this exact topic on Mamapedia . . . perhaps you could search the archives for differing points of view.

Don't let fear, shame or any other tactic stop you from asking questions, doing your own research (check your library for books on this topic), and seeking multiple professional opinions.

You are your child's advocate and you are correct, imho, to seek further information.



answers from Washington DC on

My opinion is to vaccinate, for the most part.
There is a new insurgence of whooping cough because people are not getting the vaccinations. This is a disease that kills and doesn't have to.
I don't believe all are that neccessay though. I was pressured into the Gardisal shot and the chicken pox and I do feel that both of these are unneccesary. Also I do not get the flu shot for myself or the children.
These are just my opinions

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