Shots & Vaccines: First Response

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Vaccination: Get All Shots Together or Spread Them Apart?

S.B. asks from Los Angeles

I have a 4 1/2 month old son. For his vaccines at 2 months, we spread them apart over 2 weeks and he was fine, fussy for a day or two, but not too bad. At his 4 month...


H1N1 Vaccine

C.S. asks from New York

Its almost flu season. And this year is even scarier than other years due to the H1N1 strain. I'm pregnant and my OB has recommended I get the shot. He is pretty much...


Vaccines and Autism Connection

A.H. asks from Omaha

I am just curious about this whole controversy and would like to hear what others think about the issue. My son will be 6 months on June 2nd and has already had two r...


Flu Shots?? Do We Do Them on Our Children or Not?

S.C. asks from Kansas City

I would love to hear opinions on flu shots and kids. I am vehemently opposed to doing it to myself due to such severe illnesses on the years I did get the shot. My ...


Seeking Pediatrician- Rochester Hills- Flexible with Vaccines

J.L. asks from Detroit

Hi. I live in Rochester Hills. While my husband and I have not finalized our discussions about the 1 year vaccines (chicken pox and MMR), our current pediatric facili...


MMR Study a fraud...thoughts?

B.P. asks from New York

So the infamous study linking the MMR vaccine to autism is now officially debunked. Does that change anyone's mind about the MMR? What about vaccines in general and...


Rhogam Shots During Pregnancy

K.W. asks from Philadelphia

For two years I have been seeking help from many doctors about a serious undiagnosed health issue. This week a doctor realized that I am truly an A negative blood ty...


Asking Opinions on Depo-Provera Shots...

K.O. asks from Kansas City

Hi! I was thinking about getting the Depo shot. I want to hear from all of you who have done this route and what happened? Did you have any side effects or changes...


Pregnancy Test Confusion

D.S. asks from San Francisco

Yesterday I took a First Response pregnancy test (the kind with the lines) at 15 days past ovulation and there was clearly a second line. It was very very faint, but ...


"Low" HCG?

J.L. asks from Seattle

Hi Ladies, I'm currently pregnant with #2 (yay!!!!), but my doctor says that my HCG is low. A little background: My last period started on 3/16 and we actively t...