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Seeking Advice on Infant's Rash

J.P. asks from Miami

My 9 month old son developed a rash about a month ago around his neck and it has spread to his torso and diaper area. His pediatrician prescribed hydrocortisone cream...


Mosquito Bites?

A.M. asks from Detroit

My daughter has sensitive skin and mosquitos seem to love her. Anytime she is bit, the bite lasts for weeks and she is miserable for days. She got bit last night (n...


Anti-itch Cream During Pregnancy

H.M. asks from Phoenix

Hi mommies, I am 13 weeks pregnant and have developed these itching red-bump on my belly. Has any one of you hAve this during pregnancy? if yes, please share yo...


Flu Shot

L.M. asks from Jacksonville

Have 5 yr old & 2 yr old> Would like to hear opinions of flu shots. Thank You!!


Baby Eczema

S.T. asks from Philadelphia

My son is 4 months old and has a rash mainly on his eyeslids and underneath his eyes. He also has a little on his chin and cheeks. The pediatrician said it is eczema ...


3 Mo Old Son Has Food Allergies

L.G. asks from Philadelphia

Hi moms, I am worried about my young 3 mo old. I'm currently nursing him (no trouble there), but he has a particularly bad case of ezcema on his cheeks... This has b...


Allergy and Elimination Diet

R.B. asks from Norfolk

My daughter keeps getting rashy. She had been diagnosed with eczema, an allergic reaction. We used the hydrocortisone cream and it went away, but just now I see a who...


Need Help with Baby Eczema- Does Hypoallegenic Formula Help?

R.R. asks from San Francisco

My 4 month old son has eczema all over his arms, legs and cheeks He's got these big red splotches all over and doesn't seem to be going away. The doctor said to try ...


Need Advice to Treat Skin Execma

E.B. asks from Kansas City

My son started getting rashes on his skin around 3 months. I've taken him to the doctor twice. The first time they told me it was execma and to put lotion on him to...


My Son Has eczema...any Advice?

H.M. asks from Washington DC

My son is 2 1/2 and has a history of eczema. It is usually worse in the winter months and i have tried lots of creams/lotions, rx and otherwise. Oatmeal baths help ...