Respiratory: Preschooler, Pulmicort

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M.P. asks from Los Angeles

Hi Moms! My son has viral induced asthma...His allergist added pulmicort to his treatment plan. He said give to him after his albuterol treatment. I have not given i...


3 Month Old with Rsv- Bronchilitis

M.R. asks from Philadelphia

Hi There, We just got back from AI DuPont hospital and my little baby boy- 3 months old has RSV- a respiratory virus- like bonchitus in us. We stayed over night and t...


4 Year Old with Allergies and Asthma

C.R. asks from Cleveland

Hi,my 4 year old has had the worst time this year with her asthma...she has been on alll the over the counter stuff and most of the persription too. nothing seems to ...


Advice on Allergies and Asthma in 4 Year Old

D.G. asks from Los Angeles

My daughter will be 4 in July and we have had two trips to the ER since January due to coughing fits and once by ambulance because she stopped breathing (found out sh...


3 Year Old with Low Oxygen Saturation Levels.

R.W. asks from San Antonio

My son is 3, and has been very healthy and active, he has stayed at home until now. We started him in daycare 3 days a week in February (purposefully waited until flu...


Is It Allergies, Asthma or Something Else? Please Help My Son.

M.L. asks from Washington DC

I am losing a battle. My son, who is now 2 1/2, was diagnosed with RSV at 3 months. Since then, he has suffered from horrible allergy like symptoms. It doesn't APP...


Asthma or Not?

J.G. asks from New York

Sorry, this is going to be long ....My 3 1/2 year old daughter has had respiratory problems since she was 1. Everytime she gets sick, it goes right to her chest. Be...


Need a Place to Start to Help Son with Asthma

K.R. asks from Dallas

My 22 month old DS came down with a cold in early November,which was complicated with asthma like symptoms. (He also has an immune system deficiency.) They put him o...


Reaction to Albuterol

D.P. asks from Dallas

Hello, Mamas! I need some feedback. Our 3 year old son has asthma issues only when he has a respiratory illness. During those time, we have successfully given him ...


Behavior Problems with Allergy/Asthma Medicine

L.B. asks from Asheville

I have a 4 year old boy whom has mild allergies and reactive airway syndrome. We have have recently decided to try medicines recommended by our son's doctor. One of ...