Updated on September 20, 2008
M.P. asks from Redondo Beach, CA
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Hi Moms! My son has viral induced asthma...His allergist added pulmicort to his treatment plan. He said give to him after his albuterol treatment. I have not given it to him yet...shouldn't I do it before in case he has a reation to the pulmicort and needs his rescue meds? I read it is not safe to get in their eyes...but the dr. didn't mention it. Anybody have any advice?
I am editing my request.....
My son has had 6 RAD "asthma" attacks since birth....they are viral induced...when he gets a simple cold and is exposed to another type of allergen he has an attack...we have only had to use the albuterol in the past. His attacks are becoming more frequent therefor the Dr. has added the pulmicort. I have already gotten an answer to my 1st question I would still like to know if anyone has had their Dr. tell them to not get the pulmicort in their childs eyes ...we bought swimming goggles so he is wearing those.
Thanks in advance!!!

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answers from Los Angeles on

pulmicort is a prevention med as apposed to the albuterol which is an emergency rescue med. every time someone has an asthma attack the lungs suffer some minor damage, which can repair itself over time. the pulmicort is used to prevent the attacks in the first place thus avoiding damage to the lungs. my son was hospitalized with rsv at 4 months and has been on the pulmicort from time to time since. in toddlers it is called episodic asthma which means it is brought on my colds or illness. they do not consider it true asthma unless they have wheezing and attacks without the presence of a cold/illness. the pulmicort has caused no ill effects in my son and he is a very active 4 year old. we are now trying singulair to keep the atttacks at bay. he has started preschool and i don't want him to miss a lot because of respitory problems caused by colds. when the attacks get to bad he needs to take liquid steroids which are less safe. the preventative meds have kept us from having to use these much at all. if i had to choose between no meds and the posibility of having my sons lungs damaged by the attacks i choose the meds. i am a asthmatic and have taken preventative meds for over 15 years without any adverse side effects. if you want to chat more please feel free to e-mail me.

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I've been giving my my son Xopenx and Pulmicort via a vaporizor as needed over the past 6 years when he is having breathing trouble (he doesn't have asthma but when sick gets bad wheezing). We have never had any adverse reactions--in fact he asks for it to help him breath when sick. After having him hospitalized at 6 months because I thought "oh it's just a cough with no fever, he'll get through it" I encourage you to call your doctor to clarify. Additionally if you are giving him any homeopathic treatments tell the doctor. Homeopathic does not equal safe, especially when combined with other medications. Good Luck!

PS. I concur with Tuesday M -- read the directions. If it says don't get it in the eyes, then avoid getting it in the eyes.



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You took the time to take your child to the doctor, and so your doctor is treating your child, the best way the doctor feels is best, lets say your child doesnt get any better, whos fault is it, umm maybe yours because you did nto follow the doctors advice, yet you had the prescription filled.

Its good to research meds before any one taking them, if it says its not safe to get into the eyes, then you do not get it in there eyes, but it doesnt mean yo dont give it to them.

The doctor & the pharmicist would explain if there was dangers of having a allergic reaction.. if your still not sure of the meds call either or and ask.



answers from Los Angeles on

Hi M. P,

If you're interested in a natural/holistic approach to healing your son's asthma you might want to go to www.oil-testimonials.com/10576 and check out how others are healing asthma as well as other conditions through the application of therapeutic grade essential oils. There is also another website, www.phmiracleliving.com , which has a tremendous amount of information which could prove beneficial. The combination of what you'll learn between these two sights should give you some guidance.

Best wishes,

N. N.



answers from Los Angeles on

Last year my son was hospitalized with a severe respiratory infection. We used the same treatments you're now using, albuterol with pulmitort. My advice would be to call your current Dr. with follow up questions/concerns before starting the pulmicort. Also, I would get a 2nd opinion, possibly from a doctor who takes a more homeopathic approach. After our son was released from the hospital we were initially told that we would need to do the treatment as a preventative measure for 6 months and then start it again at the first sign of any breathing troubles. The homeopathic doctor we went to advised us on some herbs to use, and we've, luckily, never had to use the albuterol or pulmicort since! The homeopathic doctor we saw told us that albuterol was one of the most over-perscribed medicines in Western medicine especially in young children. Of course, every situation is different, and every parent has a different comfort level with perscriptions for their children. However, the research we did on the 2 medicines was very disturbing. Pulmicort is basically a steroid, so it can definitely cause some side effects. In our son we noticed a crazy increase in appetite as well as very irratic, almost spastic behavior. The behavior ceased within 24-48 hours after discontinuing the medicine.

That said, you should talk with your husband and your Dr. and come up with something you all feel comfortable with.

It's hard to give our little ones that kind of medicine, and it's even harder to watch their labored breathing! Good luck to you, and your family while you figure this out.

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