6 Year Old with Sinisutis and Body Aches

Updated on April 28, 2012
G.D. asks from Houston, TX
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My son just turned 6 and since 4 he has had repeated respiratory infections, persistent wet cough and nasal congestion. Last February he had 11 days of fever, awful chest and nasal congestion. We made trips to the pediatrician many times. The doctor thought Pneumonia but the Xray ruled it out. It showed bad congestion in the lungs, but no more. The Pulmonary specialist said asthma, he was treated with antibiotics for 10 days, nebulizer (Xonopex) and Corticosteroids (Prednisolone). Finally he was better but the cough is still there. He always has nose congestion, nasal voice and breaths by his mouth when sleeping. He has been diagnosed with a bacterial infection in his nose by the Allergist, who believes that is the cause of his chest congestion. He just finished antibiotics (Augmentin) and another round with Xonopex and QVar (as inhalers this time). I know I should wait for the antibiotics to make the effect, but looking back all this time he has also had pain in the legs, arms in the morning and sometimes he just wakes up aching and tired. I am very worried and the doctors do not seem to see the whole package of symptoms, just one at a time, as they say it is growing pains.
Please let me know if any of you has had any situation similar to my son's and what was the diagnosis. We are located in Houston, TX.

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So What Happened?

My son is 7 now and he is better. We visited a specialist (pulmonology) who said it was asthma. We also visited an allergist who tested him and he is allergic to dust mites. In the meantime we ruled out gastro reflux (which cn cause chronic wet cough). He has big adenoids and tonsils and that can be the cause of many infections as told by the ENT especialist.
With the allergist we got rounds of antibiotics any time he would find bacteria in his snot sample, but mainly he reccomended saline solution (like netti pot) at the beginning of any cold, nasal sprays and asthma medication. Every time he would get a gold, it would become a sinus infection and the post nasal dripping would cause the asthmatic cough and chest congestion.
It is a cycle that has repeated many times and turns out that using antibiotics would cause the body aches. He would get better by using probiotics everyday (Culturelle for kids). The asthma medication also causes muscular pain. He gets better with Advair (inhaler) , however it makes him feel very irritable and anxious at the beginning.
One doctor told me that children who get sick very often usually get a lot better after they turn 7. It seems partly true. However we still have the winter ahead of us to test this.
The very one thing that I think has helped him is a form of Vitamin called Scotts Emulsion, which is Cod Liver Oil (it comes flavored). I started giving it to him while he was having chest congestion and it helped him quickly. I give him 2 tablespoons everyday and it is working. I also change the toothbrushes often (as suggested here).
Now for me, I also have sinusitis (chronic) and the thing that really helps me is Xylitol, which is a nasal spray composed by a natural sugar. It really helps me unlike any other thing . Even when I feel some sore throat I spray it in my nostrils and my throat (there are two kinds of spayers) for a few days and it goes away.
I want myy son to try it but when he did he felt a burning sensation and could not tolerate it. I have to try again when his nasal passages are not too irritated.
We also removed all carpet from home, installed cork flooring and changed the AC unit and ducts. We have pillow and mattress encasements against dust mites. We made this changes in June 2012 and I think we now see the improvement.
I will post as we keep going in this journey but I think doing the Scott Emulsion has helped the best.
Thanks for all your help.

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Be sure to take him back for a followup appt so the doctor can verify that the infection is gone. Augmentin is known to not always knock an infection out completely.

Have you talked to the doc about using 'Simply Saline' or doing a sinus flush?

Other things you can do to help him feel better
- have him drink lots of water (4 - 6 ) glasses a day
- change his toothbrush once a week. We've been changing ours once a month and noticed less sinus problems. When their sick, I even get those 'waterless' 1 use brushes.
- showers nightly
- wash the bedding every week with bleach

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answers from Dallas on

Sounds like he has allergy induced asthma. I know my allergys and asthma are acting up here latly. I would continue the breathing treatments. And you might check and see if you can get allergy test done on him to see what he's allergic to. I know breathing problems are not fun at all. I was in the hospital last year with double pneumonia. I had to take treatments for over a month. Now the pains do sound like growing pains. What I try to do when my kids get them bad is just massage their arms and legs. They would cry and cry cause they hurt so bad. You can also give a little motrin in needed to try and take some of the pain away. Hope he feels better soon!!!

Good luck and God Bless!



answers from Honolulu on

I got Pneumonia once, and it happened because I had a head cold.
As the sinus mucus drips down the throat (post-nasal drip), it can also infect the lungs.
Know that. So yes, the Doctor said that his chest congestion probably came from his bacterial nose infection.

I have Asthma and allergies. The medications your son took, is to alleviate bronchial airway inflammation. But it does NOT "cure" an illness or infection nor get rid of the mucus. Asthma meds such as Xopenex and corticosteroids, are to open up the airways. It is to open up the breathing passages so that the person can breathe and not suffocate.

Coughing (and mucus and congestion) can originate from:
1) The Nose: post-nasal drip
2) The Chest: chest illnesses
3) Or both

His body aches, makes me think he had a Flu? Plus he's had fever for 11 days. That is a long time.
Fevers occur due to infections or Flu.

Over the weekend and even now, I am sick.
A cold... but it also gave me body aches. I also have laryngitis and general body aches is also one of the accompanying symptoms.
So, body aches can accompany many things.

Try putting an air purifier in his room.

Also, if one type of antibiotics does not work, then another family of antibiotics needs to be used. Each person is different.


answers from Providence on

Pain in arms and legs is most likely due to growing pains, or just feeling achy from being sick. Sounds like he has been put through the ringer, so it isn't surprising that his body is sore and tired.

It sounds like he caught a nasty bacterial infection, and it has lingered. it happens, and allergies on top of that does make it difficult to treat some of the time due to all of his symptoms. I would give yourself and your son some time to rest and relax. If he is feeling better, it is a sign that his treatments are working.



answers from Dallas on

I'm no doctor, but I think it is likely growing pains. Does he have an increased appetite? I don't ever remember having growing pains as a kid, but my daughters have these aches frequently. They usually have a surge in appetite around the same time and I end up having to buy new clothes for them. They typically have the aches in their legs.

As far as his allergies, how old is his mattress? do you have pets? have you cleaned your vents lately? do you have an air purifier in the house? All of these can be contributing factors to the severity of his symptoms. I don't know what age is appropriate to begin allergy shots, but I'd say he sounds like a good candidate.



answers from College Station on

Poor thing!

Several things. I would first have your house checked for mold. It can cause significant respiratory illness and some of the other symptoms as well. It is rampant in Houston because of the wet air.

Second, the pains in the arms and legs can simply be growing pains. 6 can be a big growth year.

Yes, I also find that Doctors don't always see all the symptoms. Be persistent and don't be afraid to seek a second opinion.

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