What Do You Kids Get for Christmas?

Updated on December 25, 2013
A.S. asks from Dallas, TX
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After talking with some friends at a Christmas party about what they got their little ones for Christmas I was starting to wonder what everyone else does. This is the first year that I have actually spent a good amount of time budgeting and shopping around for my kids presents so I was able to plan accordingly. They are each going to receive a few outfits - they always need clothes. Then they are each getting a pair of boots, puzzles, new bedding for their rooms, and books. They are each getting 1 toy that they asked for but otherwise no other real toys. One friend of mine is getting her children nothing but clothes and the other is getting no clothes and all toys. Now, my kids have a playroom that's as big if not bigger than our living room with tons of toys - most of which I am about the clean up and give away because they have outgrown them. So I stayed far away from toys this year. What are your kids getting - do they get a lot of toys or do you normally stick with other items?

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answers from Los Angeles on

My 2 kids get SOOOO much from grandparents that we dont NEED to get them anything. So from santa they are getting some books and stocking stuffer things oh and a Barbie Dream House. From us I got them each 2 outfits and a new pair of boots. If they do not get enough warm clothes for the "winter" I will get them more after Christmas. I have scaled back over the years because they seem to get too much. I am nervous how it will go tomorrow because there will not be an abundance of gifts from Santa (ie it might feel less magical?) So I am planning on taping hanging spirals and ribbon from the ceiling to show some Christmas magic.

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answers from Honolulu on

My kids are 7 and 11.
The older the kids get, more useful stuff. But fun stuff.
But, before the holidays, we or rather *I*, always.... do a "spring cleaning" of sorts, to get rid of stuff. And make room. I already did that.

I dunno, sure I got my kids some clothes, they are quickly outgrowing their current clothes and shoes. But as a kid, thinking when I was a kid, you'd like "fun" stuff too. So my kids also get fun stuff, or things I have held off buying for them, which I know they want, and save the actual buying of it, for their Christmas gift. Also, that way, I KNOW they actually do still want it. It is not just a passing fancy getting caught up in the hype etc. So it is not a waste.

Toys, no matter what age, are fun. It adds to the spark, of Christmas fun.
My Hubby is even getting a fun toy. A remote helicopter thingy. Which the kids told me (shhhh), he said he was hoping to get for Christmas.

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answers from New London on

They each will be getting a pj set, 4 piece book set, and activity book for our Eve tradition gifts.

Then son will be getting 2 kinect sets, a power ranger outfit, a power ranger sword, Despicable Me 2

Daughter will be getting a wooden shopping cart, This little wooden play set where you can build a ton of butterflies, a gardening set and..I KNOW there was something else and now I can't remember....



answers from Boca Raton on

mine are at the age when they are not so much into toys. they get plenty from us, some from their lists, some my ideas. they always get an outfit each. this year they are getting 3ds xl, laptops, some japanese collector dolls (their wish), furby, barbie digital makeover mirror (they don't like barbies other wise but had this on their list), beats headphones (only because we already had one given to my hubby as a gift so i just ordered another one), scooters (from their aunts), wii and ds games etc. we went overboard this year because one had surgery and has been out of school for two weeks, and the other didn't go to school either to keep sicknesses away from her sister. they both deserve an awesome christmas.



answers from Los Angeles on

My kids get a ton of stuff from their grandparents and aunts and uncles. They are the only grandkids so they are beyond spoiled. All the grandparents got together this year and bought them one of those massive outdoor wooden playsets.
The one grandparent that didn't go in on the playset got the kiddos an XboxOne
From their uncle 1 got an ipod the other a bike. Aunt got them little gadgets and barbies.

So from us we did the 4 gift something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read. The want we got both of them the Nabi tablets (my DD got the Jr. version) and then clothes (I did black Friday so really good deals) then they each got a book. And my husband had teddy bears made for each of them out of his uniform shirts.

I actually think that we are going to have the Nabi's come from Santa tho.
Either way they got a ton!!



answers from Washington DC on

It varies. DD will get a few toys, but I also got her clothing and suggested to MIL some warm pjs. DD usually gets pjs from someone. And crafts. And books. I try to do a good mix.



answers from Washington DC on

My children get so much from other relatives that this is only the second year we've gotten something for my son (7) and the first that we've gotten something for my daughter (3). They've never noticed before. They are getting roller skates this year.



answers from Harrisburg on

Dd is 3.5 yo and ds almost 2. I made them each a blanket, they both got books, and a few toys from a great second hand store, and each got a duplo set, and we got them one of those big blow up balls they can go in. I'd say total we spent maybe $300 tops all together. We try to focus on experiences during holidays and not "things". We don't watch commercials (we dvr some programs and fast forward through them). When my dd says that she wants this, this and that we explain she has to pick a few things that are important. Merry Christmas everyone!



answers from Oklahoma City on


A Rubber Band Loom

A couple of Barbie outfits and one Ken outfit

A mineral testing kit

A loupe for looking at rocks and gemstones

And she's going to grow some geodes


Her brother got her a stuffed bear, I got her a couple of chapter books, and a couple of hair items.


(All he asked for was the helicopter)

A remote control helicopter.

3 level kindergarten through level 1 reading books

2 Hot Wheels track things that hang on the wall

An inexpensive toy truck

2 Action figures, one is from his sister

And he's getting a dinosaur dig kit.


Last year we got them more expensive items and spent a lot. It was a special year. This year we've kept it smaller.

Most of these items were under $5 and the more expensive ones were only $30-$40 each. We spent well less than $250 for all Christmas, even with his dad's gift included.


answers from Washington DC on

My kids get 3 gifts from Santa...this year we spent way too much on Santa gifts. From us, they got about 8 things each, varying in price from $10 to $50ish. They all got 2 shirts from us and the PJ's for Christmas Eve, but they didn't need new clothes otherwise. Their big gift from us is a trip every year. I can't wait to get to the beach and relax!! Four more days!!


My kids get 3 gifts from Santa...this year we spent way too much on Santa gifts. From us, they got about 8 things each, varying in price from $10 to $50ish. They all got 2 shirts from us and the PJ's for Christmas Eve, but they didn't need new clothes otherwise. Their big gift from us is a trip every year. I can't wait to get to the beach and relax!! Four more days!!


answers from Grand Forks on

My kids get a toy or game from Santa and a toy or game from us. The rest is books, clothes and useful things (camping equipment, bedding, towels, alarm clocks, toiletries etc). When they were little they got more toys, but the toys were smaller and less expensive, and they spent more time playing with toys. The only time we bought toys was at Christmas and birthdays (or yard sales).

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