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Could I Be Having Contractions This Early?

I.L. asks from Detroit

Hi Ladies, I am 20wks preganat with my second child. The last week or so, I've noticed that there are times that my stomach will get hard (mostly if I've been on...


Pros and Cons of Being Induced.

J.B. asks from Nashville

My doc wants to induce me at 39 weeks (my second pregnancy.) I had raised glucose for one test (they did 3) but did not actually get the Gestational Diabetes diagnosi...


Personal Delima

K.M. asks from Sherman

I am scheduled to induce on August 6th and can't decide what I want to do for pain management. I've heard lots of mixed reviews on epidurals vs. local anesthesia. C...


Lossing Wieght..

L.H. asks from Philadelphia

I am 36 weeks and have finally stopped gaining weight. I has gained about 34pounds. Well in 1week i have lost 3pounds and fear that this is not normal. I have never l...



K.M. asks from Portland

My first birth was a very long and painful induction, which resulted in an epidural ( something I was very strongly against before this ), I am doing all I can to pre...


What Does Bed Rest Really Mean?

T.G. asks from Charlotte

I was placed on bed rest for a week, then told to take it easy, after experiencing Preterm contractions due to dehydration and "over doing it." The contrctions have e...


Childbirth Preparation Dvd's

C.S. asks from New York

Hi, The childbirth class my hospital offers is charging $300 for the class! I'd like a cheaper alternative and was looking into whether a DVD would be a good replace...


What Is Your Experience with Natural Childbirth Methods?

L.N. asks from Salt Lake City

As background, I took Bradley classes before my birth and am now training to teach Bradley. I've been wondering what other methods are like since I don't know too muc...


How Did You Decide on Which Pain Medication to Use During Delivery?

T.W. asks from Dallas

I am expecting my first child in April and having a difficult time deciding which, if any, pain medication(s) to use. My initial plan is to use an epidural, however ...


7 Year Old Present Duing Birth

J.N. asks from Portland

I have a 7 year old son who wants to be there when I give birth and my husband and I are fine with that as we are a very open family. I had a c section with my son s...