Preparation: Infant

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Labor & Such

So I've been talking to a lot of moms lately and I seem to be seeing a trend. So I figured I'd see what you ladies had to say. How many of you ladie...


Inducing Labor

My dr suggested at 38 weeks they could "strip my membrane" to help induce labor....


Inducing Labor

I was induced to deliver my daughter 4 years ago, and it did not go well. I was...


Inducing Labor?

Hello to all the mommies out there and thank you for your time in reading this. ...

Birth Plan

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Thoughts on Writting a Birth Plan?

I just signed up for a free workshop on writing your own birth plan in Pasadena, and I wanted to know what others experiences were with writing their o...


Birthing Plan

I keep hearing to make a birthing plan, but this is my first pregnancy, so I do ...


Plan B

Hey Mothers, I know its weird being on a mothers website and asking this questi...

Hospital Bag

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Hospital Bag

I'm pregnant with our first child and I'm getting all the last minute things ready. What all did you bring in your hospital bag? I want to make sure ...


Hospital Bag,

ok, i feel silly writing this being i was in this situation only 2 1/2 years ago...

Preparing Siblings

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How Else to Prepare?

Any suggestions on how else to prepare my daughter (21 mths) for her upcoming si...

Visitors During Delivery

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Who Should Be in the Delivery Room?

I am expecting my first baby girl in November. My Mother is coming in from California to be there to see her first grandchild being born. My fiancee wa...



Hi, My name is S. and I moved from the Netherlands to America. I'm pregnant and...


During Delivery...

So I am really nervous about the delivery to say the least. I really wanted to ...