WTH - Is Labor Soon..?

Updated on December 17, 2011
A.S. asks from Hollywood, FL
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I'm almost 37 weeks and yesterday i had contraction throughtout the entire day.. They stopped for a lil while and then started again last night. They started to get painful and i could feel quite a bit of pelvic pressure. This happened for almost an hour, and they were about 30-40 seconds long. (I had been drinkning lots of water all day, laying down, and talked to my dr. who told me to just wait til i'm in active labor). But then they stopped after i tried to fall asleep. I had my hopes up!! But is that normal to have contractions like that for that long and just go away? Does it mean labor is close? With my first i had NO idea i was in labor until my water broke because i had such bad back labor that it just felt like i was in a lot of pain in my back and hips. Anways, thanks
** Edit: i was laying down when they became painful and longer.. so i figured if it was really "it" i would fall asleep and they would wake me up. Which they didnt. Damn. Oh, and i have no idea if i'm dilated or not cuz my midwife didnt check when i was there this past week, even tho she did the strep B culture.

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answers from Indianapolis on

Can't say if labor is soon, but it sounds like your body is getting ready for the big day. You'll know when it is true labor...like you said it went away after you layed down to go to sleep. True labor won't stop when you lay down, when you walk, when you shower, nothing will stop it when your truly there. Goodluck...

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answers from Chicago on

Sounds like Braxton Hicks. Your body's way of preparing for delivery. I wouldn't worry unless it lasts longer and intensifies. You are very lucky. I never got to experience these.....I was induced each time.

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answers from Chicago on

I had lots of false labor with my third child. When it was finally time, there was no doubt about it. I'd been contracting on and off all day (after having the OB strip my membranes) but when I went to bed, they stopped. Then at 2:30 am, I was awakened with contractions and they were hard and regular. I couldn't talk through them and when walking around, I would have to stop until they had passed. If you start feeling them come on regularly and more intense, get a stopwatch and start timing them.



answers from Miami on

You will know when the time is right.Braxton Hicks can be awful but they are getting the body ready. Let the baby have as much head down time in there as possible so the sense of balance will be good. The more to 40 weeks is better for baby's health. These last few weeks give the brain the most growth and organization. Let us know.


answers from Houston on

Well I will tell you what everyone told me. However long you went with your first is likely to be the same with your second, providing the first was a normal full term delivery and it sounds like it was. My third played with my emotions bc he started to get me to dilate at around 36wks and I had some pretty crazy contractions. Like at 37 wks I had three in an hour and so I just knew that was it, but nope, it wasn't. I lost my plug, had bloody show and all that and it was still several more days till my labor. Ultimately I was full term and induce just like my previous two, so I stuck to the same pattern with all my babies. I went full term, was induced and had three normal vaginal deliveries. Wish you the best! No matter what, at this point you are very close, have a great delivery :D

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