Loose Bowel Movements Before Labor.

Updated on December 18, 2010
T.M. asks from North Hollywood, CA
7 answers

Did anyone have loose bowel movements before they went into labor. How long did it take for you to go into labor when you had this symptom. Is there any other symptoms right before labor other than contractions?

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answers from Minneapolis on

With my first, I only got really flu like sick after pitocin and during labor. It was horrible being on the toilet and puking at the same time while enduring nasty contractions. I just had number 2 on wednesday of this week and I went through labor and hospital stay with number 2 lol. But you would want to be cleaned out before labor then on the table during birth I would think.



answers from Miami on

For me, labor brought on the need to have many bowel movements. I believe this is very normal! With my first child, I had an intense need to be home...nesting is a big thing, but nesting at least for me, happens randomly throughout my pregnancy. I am 20 weeks with baby # 4 and I am nesting now, just a little. It comes and goes but seems to increase towards the end of the pregnancy. Labor can begin by either contractions beginning or with your water breaking followed by contractions. I never saw my mucous plug...must have missed it. Every labor is different for every woman but once labor begins, you know the count down to have that baby begins. Good luck.



answers from San Francisco on

Yes, very normal---your body is preparing to give birth by cleaning itself out~ I had this 2-3 days before labor. But about 24 hr before some cramping, contractions, irritiability, nausea, restlessness, anxiety etc. some of that can creep up before going into labor. I also was a big nester--I would clean the floors, everything in the house, prepare baby's things, diaper bag obsessively (lol) and start pre-making meals for after labor. Good luck!!!




answers from Minneapolis on

I did with my first but only with that one I delivered about 3 hrs later



answers from Grand Forks on

oh baby!!! i had the same symptoms maybe 1-3 days (max!) before my water broke & i went into labor. i had read this in a book, then shortly after, here it comes! could be the element of expecting it to happen, but either way baby, brace yourself mama, baby's coming!!!! :)

congratulations - a BEAUTIFUL blessing!!! :)



answers from Topeka on

Yes I had them just hours before true labor also had nausea,unable to eat,headache,backaches along with hip pain,bloody show with lots of mucus discharge peeing every five minutes with my last threw up righ before we went out the door she was already on her way out too



answers from Phoenix on

I had loose bowels about 2 days before I went into labor but then solid the day of, so......
The other symptom I had was the loss of my mucus plug, other than contractions everything else was the same. Its really all a guessing game until you have those real contractions, I just had my baby on the 15th and had to post here just to make sure that I ws having the real contractions instead of just braxton hicks. Congrats and good luck :-)

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