Am I in Early Labor or Am I Just Being Paranoid?

Updated on November 28, 2010
D.L. asks from McKinney, TX
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Am I in early labor or am i just being paranoid?

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So What Happened?

This is my first pregnancy so i'm a little confused.

Okay so my panties had a big wet spot and it doesn't smell like urine. It just smelt like fabric softener lol. But when i went to the restroom and wiped, there was a small spot of pink on the toilet paper. And today i've had diarrhea (too much info, i know) but i read that diarrhea is an early sign of labor. And i've also been contracting, but the contractions dont really hurt. if they do hurt, it isn't for more than a few seconds.

I'm due in 11 days

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answers from Dallas on

I agree with what the others have said.. being that you are due in 11 days I would say this warrants checking in with your OB. Has the "leaking" continued? If it is amniotic fluid you will continue to leak. I have had 4 children and my contractions can get to 2 minutes a part and not hurt and won't hurt until my water has broken. Good luck!



answers from Detroit on

This is tough for a lot of women. It was for me as well. Before you go into labor you may lose your mucous plug (for some women, it comes out while they are at the hospital- for others, it happens at home). The mucous plug is usually a thick brown or opaque white with strands of blood in it. It can come out over a period of a few days, or it can come out within hours. Usually, after this comes out, (generally speaking), most women go into labor with 24-48 hours or so.
Having diarrhea is common before labor as well. The thing to remember about contractions is this: longer, stronger and closer together. If you are having true labor contractions, you will have them while you walk, while you sit, while you lay down (you get the point). False labor (although it is preparing your body for real labor), will include lots of Braxton-Hicks contractions, but they will go away when you stop moving or change positions.
Your body sounds like it is in the getting ready phase. My advice to you is to watch for your mucous plug to come out and if your contractions do start coming more regularly, time them. My OB advised me to call after an hour of having regular contractions that were 5-10 min. apart.



answers from Dothan on

Its hard to say but your on the right track, expect it soon. You might have just lost your mucus plug.


answers from Rochester on

Might not be actual labor but you could be leaking amniotic fluid. If you notice the wet again or any other changes, call your OB's answering service. With my first I leaked fluid (not an all-out break) and had a lot of pink mucus so they checked at the hospital and it was amniotic, so they gave me a window to go into labor on my own. I was induced because I didn't go into actual labor. Note the time you noticed the wet, though, because if it is amniotic they will want to know when there was a break of any kind. I never had diarrhea with either of mine, but have heard that as well.



answers from Chattanooga on

How far along are you? If you are far enough along, you could have started losing your mucous plug which can happen weeks before you actually go into labor, and (tmi alert!) I had a LOT of discharge for the entire last trimester! (I had to start wearing pantie liners or it would go through my pants...) The contractions could be braxton hicks, which I also had for the entire last trimester. They started out painless, but during the last 2 weeks they got fairly painful... ESPECIALLY if my DD was laying in a weird position. When I went into real labor, my contractions hurt so bad that I couldn't lay down or stand up straight, I had to sit on the end of my bed and lean on a kitchen chair. I DEFINITELY knew the difference... but I have heard of a lot of women who have had such light contractions that they couldn't tell the difference... As far as the diarrhea goes, I had it off and on throughout my entire pregnancy (NOT good to have at the same time as morning sickness... just sayin' lol.) but when I went into labor, I didn't have any noticeable change in my BMs... just my same ol' poopies. lol. Just depends on the individual I guess...



answers from Dallas on

Every pregnancy is different. I just had my 4th child. I went in for my weekly apt and was at a 7, fully efaced and having contractions that I could not feel. I had lost my miscue plug starting the night before and entirely that morning.
My Dr said she wanted me to go to L&D because the head was so low once my water broke I would deliver ( and she didn't want me to deliver in the car).
I went in at 11 and walked around with my IV until 2:00 when I started feeling contractions coming on. I delivered at 2:15.

My labor before this one was a pattern of gas pains in my side. Had no idea it was labor. Because I had this at 36 weeks I went into L& D, but it was just a false alarm. They said it was the beginning of Braxtons or true gas pains or prelabor.

See your Dr and get your #s for dilation & how far efaced.



answers from New London on

Start timing your contractions. If they become more regular and closer together you are in labor. They told me to call my doctor when they were 6 minutes apart and regular. They were about 30 minutes apart the night before and my water broke at 6 am so I went to the hosp. that morning.



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