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HELP: Cholestasis of Pregnancy

A.W. asks from Atlanta

My sister has been experiencing severe itching of her hands and feet and the nurse told her she MAY have Cholestasis of Pregnancy. She needs to see the dr on Monday. ...


Itching During Pregnancy

B.F. asks from Minneapolis

Does anyone have a good suggestion for a lotion or oil for itching skin? I itch every where and its really bad at the end of the day. Im 36 weeks so not too much long...


What Things, Places, People Do You Think Is/are Underrated?

☆.A. asks from Pittsburgh

With a nod to Christine....what about underrated things in your life. Things, people, places you couldn't do without? I'll start: Panera Blueberry bagels and Hon...


DESPERATELY Need Help Finding the Right Facial Cleanser!!!

M.F. asks from Dallas

I have had problems with acne for several years and I have tried EVERYTHING...Mary Kay worked at one time, more recently it was Clinique products. However, since I h...


Skin Rash at 7 Months Pregnant

V.H. asks from Philadelphia

About a month or two ago, I noticed my abdomen under my right breast was extremely itchy almost until the point where it was numb, but I ignored this until about 3 we...


Chafing Relief????

L.A. asks from New York

Ladies: I think this falls under the category of "things about pregnancy which no one tells you about." I am now at 20 weeks with my first. I've just started to ...


Expecting Our First Baby, Need ALL Sorts of Help!

K.L. asks from San Diego

My husband and I are expecting our first baby at the end of January. I just feel at lost for what to expect about anything and everything. We are so exciting about ...


Baby Acne

L.W. asks from San Diego

My poor baby boy just developed baby acne a couple of days ago. I read a suggestion in one of my books to wash his face daily with a mild soap, but that doesn't seem...


Doc Says to Start Rice Cereal at 4 Mo

L.G. asks from Philadelphia

Hi moms, At my son's 4 month check up appt this morning, the doctor recommended starting rice cereal. I'm just a bit weary of this and here is why.... Brayden was bo...


Moms with Keratosis Pilaris

R.P. asks from Chicago

Hello everyone - I was just wondering if there are any other moms out there with Keratosis Pilaris. I've had KP since I was a child and after having my son 9 months ...