Baby Books--Have You Started/finished Yours?

Updated on February 02, 2011
L.L. asks from Fairfield, CT
6 answers

I am feeling so guilty over not having started my childrens baby books yet. They are 3.5 years and 1 year old. I was just looking through one of them tonight and there are so many questions that I already don't know the answer to! "When did I first roll over? Who did I smile at first? When did I first sleep through the night?" My parents never did baby books for us kids and I always felt so sad when I'd see my friends looking at I really wanted to do this for my own children but fear I waited too long. Is it okay to lie for some of those questions?? What to do??

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answers from Dallas on

I have a great book that I got as a gift called "The baby book" and I think I only read two chapters. My daughter is 16 months and I am pregnant with #2 and to be honest this is the first time, after many many months, that I think about the book, and only because I read your post.
I am so busy all day long, or tired, or in a bad mood (LOL) that I have no time to read at all, and if I have a question or concern about my daughter or my pregnancy I have you guys who give the best and fastest answers :)



answers from Detroit on

Eh, don't worry about it - really. I have a baby book for my DD and so far I only have a few things entered, and there is no way I can remember the dates for any of her "firsts". I do plan to go back and fill stuff in and when I do, I'll probably make up approximate dates for first smile, etc. because I know it was around such-and-such age (first smile at 6 weeks, first walked at 14 months, etc.). The only reason I know what she got on each birthday is from the pictures I took! The only one who needs to know the truth is you - nobody is going to think you are a terrible mother otherwise. Please do not beat yourself up over this!


answers from Provo on

Mine is still in the process because he's only one. But monthly I filled it out. Now that he is 1 I don't have to do it monthly now. Thank goodness! Life was getting to busy to keep doing it.
I do because my mom didn't. She filled out the first 3 pages and that is is. I am the middle child so she didn't have anytime to. I wish so badly that she would have. I want to compare me and my son.



answers from Eau Claire on

My daughter is 2 1/2 and everything in her book that can be filled out is. I do this because my mom filled my brothers out a little and then hardly even touched mine. I was bummed that I read hardly any information about my childhood. Hopefully I will keep up this well with my next daughter but many moms don't, so don't feel bad. My step mom posted pictures to cover the things that she didn't write since she didn't fill in for my brother and sister very well.


answers from Los Angeles on

Ugh! I feel guilty too...and my kids are 7, 5 & 2!!! I do have every calendar saved because that is where I wrote all those things down...when I finally get around to filling the actual baby books in if I do not know the exact date I will just guestimate...and add in a coordinating story.

~My Mother filled out both mine and my older sister's baby books BEAUTIFULLY! Ever line was a different color marker, with designs colored in and plenty of extra they were great! Sadly, they were lost when I was @ 15 years old :( Still makes me sad to think about that, even to this day and I am 33 years old!



answers from San Francisco on

This made me feel better! My dd is 2.5 and I have not started hers. I'm planning on just ball parking it - leaving it more general instead of lying about it. Don't feel bad - you're not alone!

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