What Things, Places, People Do You Think Is/are Underrated?

Updated on November 16, 2011
☆.A. asks from Beverly Hills, CA
25 answers

With a nod to Christine....what about underrated things in your life. Things, people, places you couldn't do without?
I'll start:

Panera Blueberry bagels and Honey Walnut cream cheese
Hot Earl Grey Tea
St. Ives Facial cleaner
Origins Perfect World Skin Defender
Aveeno Shampoo
Bill Maher

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answers from Houston on

Patience - Could folks be any less forgiving and patient?

Dignity - It's not necessary to dig through the barrel bottom to make a quick buck or to prove a point.

Cheap good wine. A cup to steady the nerves while a healthy splash makes the sauce.

Homemade foods.

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answers from Phoenix on

Good Teachers

Good, cheap wine

English Breakfast Tea, with organic honey and whole milk...yum.

Regular, off the shelf good lotions and facial products..there are lots to choose from, don't need to get them at a fancy department store.

Honest, safe girlfriends who love me and accept me, even with my problems.

Homemade healthy food

Hot Springs

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answers from Roanoke on

I agree with the St. Ives apricot scrub..I love that stuff!

quality coffee
nice bed sheets
Pearl Jam
williams-sonoma peppermint bark
moderately priced wine (expensive does not equal quality)
homemade pie crust
common sense

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answers from Milwaukee on


Quality sleep. 'Nuff said!

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answers from Dallas on

my comfy bed and never feeling real hunger.

police, firefighters, soldiers and nurses

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answers from Los Angeles on

Laughter- the almost pee your pants, can't breath, hurts your ribs, brings tears to your eyes kind

Friendly people- the ones that hold the door open for you when your struggling with an infant and toddler, the ones that make eye contact and smile back, espacially the ones that give fantastic customer service

Homemade baked goods
Stella rosa Rosso wine
Really good coffee

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answers from New York on

Great novel to read
Day off (that is really a day "off")
Uniterrupted sleep
Public libraries
My husband... when he's not doing things around our house he's working on his mother's so she doesn't have to hire someone. Very little if any gratitude on the part of his family- and no O. offers to help. I appreciate him, but I wish others would!

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answers from Portland on

Underrated (in my opinion):

Thank you notes. They aren't fashionable anymore, some would argue they are unnecessary, but I'll tell you, I so appreciate the time someone takes to thank me when I've done something for them. My parents drove for nearly four hours to see us this weekend, you bet I'll send them a note.

The local video store. I could not do without it. Until they close, Netflix will not get my business. I love walking in (it's actually a museum too) and finding something new.

A simpler life. This is probably the core of my life at this point in time.

Other loves (material goods): coffee, tea, good novels, my Perry Mason dvd sets, old-school jazz on a rainy day, my Keen shoes, good raincoat, comfy houseslippers, seaweed snacks and rice crackers.

My son's preschool teachers and their program: he is thriving and I couldn't be happier.

I love the woman who cuts my hair, even if she 'tsk tsks' me for not seeing her as often as I should.

And hugs from my guy and my kiddo.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Winter squash

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answers from Houston on

Underrated.....ooooh fun

carbs-----they are good for you people!
tresseme conditioner
target clothing
store brands
Buying a house and car you can afford
grinding your own coffee
real sugar---aspartame is killing us
germs----they dont ALL need to be wiped out
vitamins-- because there is a vitamin for everything, pills are also killing us

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answers from Sacramento on

Local food banks
Children with special needs
Health insurance

Odwalla Protein Monster drinks
Butternut squash raviolis
Aveda Phomollient hair product
Dermablend scar coverup

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answers from Seattle on

Caffeine free Pop.
Number R5 Red hair dye
Toms shoes
Seven Jeans
Natural Brew Ginger Ale.

That is just the superficial list.

Going to church(even though it is hard for me to get myself up and out every Sunday for it)

The need to tell people I love that I love them....as often as I see them. Because you never know when the last time you will see them really is...So they need to know. I need to know they know.

Having a roof over my head. Cause more and more I know people who dont. Or they do...but there maybe two or three families under that O. roof.

A vehicle to get me from here to there....Even though I can only afford to put gas in it twice a month. I still am not walking anywhere, unless I want to:)

Food. Above all food. Cause when I have a house full of it...I tend to not appreciate it. When we dont have a ton....It is like gold:)

And of course....Jon Stewart, Bill Maher, Rachel and ED.... all have a place in my home. They are the only TV media I will even listen to at face value.

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answers from St. Louis on

Info about the food we eat and what we use/put into our bodies.

Starbucks coffee


The result of hard work

The amount of work a working mom puts in to keep her boss and clients/customers happy AND her home and family happy

Big Sexy Hair root booster

Paraben free shampoos

Baby wipes FOR EVERYTHING - they clean up any mess and are amazing for use around the house


The benefits of magensium for depression/anxiety

Dave Ramsey - I have changed our lives by simply listening to a FREE radio show.

Living on less than you make

The importance of teaching your children how to manage money

Having good parents. Mine are horrible, I SO envy those with good or even decent parents.

Scentsy products

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answers from Denver on

Lee Krasner - she was Jackson Pollock's wife. And a far more talented painter.

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answers from Albany on

Personally, I think YOU'RE underrated, Denise!

Along with
Driving Skills
Really Really Good Food
The Carpenters
The Saxophone
Anthony Bourdain

Let's Face it



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answers from Minneapolis on

*Sesame Street
*Earl Grey tea (Agree with you there!)...with hot peanut butter toast!
*Neutragena original face bar
*Cetaphil lotion
*Libraries (I love my digital downloads to my eReader!)
*My Yes To Carrots shampoo and conditioner (best condition my sensitive and prone to scalp psoriasis head has ever been in...keeps it stable!)

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answers from Columbus on

My kid’s hugs, kisses and smiles (makes everything worthwhile)
Good night of uninterrupted sleep
Pedicures (that's a necessity because of ingrown nails)
The Daily Show (Love it!!!)
Coffee (although I gave it up during pregnancy and breastfeeding)
Homemade Mexican food
Latin soap operas
Mickey Mouse
Girlfriends (better than therapy!!!)

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answers from Seattle on

Christine, you're RIGHT...no O. can top that O.!

My list:

- Shawls
- My morning cup(s) of coffee - not sure they are underrated...I just can't do without / the lattes my friend's cafe - truly extraordinary
- Late nights out with girlfriends
- Having feet and hands (Really take my body for granted...until I'm sick or it aches)
- Having a day AND a night to spend with my husband
- Being cooked for. Back massages. Getting help w/ the laundry pile that is devouring my room
- Moms
- Cardboard boxes as toys

Hmmmm...I am so grumpy. It took me thirty minutes just to think of a few things. HAH! Underrated: My griping ;-)

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answers from Lakeland on

I agree with quality sleep.
My morning cup of coffee (it is just a plain old cup of joe).
A nice clean park where my daughter can play safely.

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answers from Salinas on

Good Single Parents (how do you do it?)
Kids Playing Outside (preferably in the woods)
Cooking for Fun Not Necessity
Reading Aloud to Someone No Matter Their Age
Hard Work with No Glory
The Love & Loyalty of a Great Dog
Poetry or Great Song Lyrics
And Finally I Have to Agree...
Bill Maher

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answers from Los Angeles on

The library (FREE classes for my kids)
Awesome cleaner from the 99cent store.
top ramen noodles
brussel sprots

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answers from Austin on

Thanks for the post -- I've been looking for some good skin products; now I have some recommendations! :)

I LOVE Zapp's potato chips. Plus I just discovered raw, local honey (due to someone else posting that local honey works for allergies) -- Wildflower honey is just amazing!

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answers from Iowa City on


I'm with you on the Earl Grey. Yum.
Books (I own a kindle but sometimes I just need a book book)
Teaberry Ice Cream (oh how I miss you, teaberry)
The five senses
Wind (nothing like a good, fresh breeze)

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answers from Cincinnati on

My Keurig & peppermint mocha coffee creamer
My CHI iron
MAC's "Foxy Lady" eyeliner
Chipotle's Burrito Bol
Bruno Mars
Thirty-O. gifts totes and handbags

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answers from Des Moines on


The library!

Cotton knit pants with pockets!!!

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