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Ideas for Bedrest Activities

I am 35 weeks along in my pregnancy and was put on bedrest last week by my doctor. I have hypertension/pre-eclampsia. Does anyone have good ideas of how to spend my time on the couch? I dont' want to watch tv all day! Are there any exercises I can do? I am starting to get sore muscles from sitting all of the time. Thanks for your help!


Good Pregnancy Books

Hello. My Sister-in-law (hubby's bro's wife) just announced she is pregnant...

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Safe Insect Repellent

Hey ladies-I started hunting around and then thought perhaps this pool of awesome mamas could help me...I'm searching for an insect repellent that WORKS, that's safe enough to use while nursing and on my three year old-I know that's a tall order! We've tried a few from Vitamin Cottage (one by Jason) that have citronella and they seem okay but not great because you need to use so much and keep reapplying after sunblock or swimmimg. I bought Badger Balm and found it quite annoying to slather myself up with balm and it's hard to get good...