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First Pregnancy - HELP!!

We just found out I'm pregnant and I am realizing how LITTLE I know! I'm excited but SO nervous. There is just so much out there. Any advice or tips? What did you do to prepare? Are there any products and/or routines you consider "lifesavers"? Also, I have fibromyalgia but I'd like to remain active--cycling, yoga, walking. What have you done before and after pregnancy to stay fit? Thank you so much!


Good Pregnancy Books

Hello. My Sister-in-law (hubby's bro's wife) just announced she is pregnant...

What to Expect When You're Expecting

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Sanitary Pad Comfort for 11 Year Old Girls

I have an 11 year daughter who has friends that are already getting their period. My friends moms are having a difficult time finding pads or tampons that are comfortable for their young daughters. I would like to put togehter a little care package for my daughter so when her time comes she will have the right size pads along with comfort. My question is do any of you have any suggestions for these girls on what to buy? Any advice would be very helpful for my daughter in the future and for me to give to these other moms.