Potty Training: Preschooler, Lotrimin

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Could My 3 Year Old Daughter Have a Yeast Infection?

Lately my 3 year old has been sayig that her vaginal area hurts. I have looked to see what could be causing it and its red and when I touch it she cries. I thought maybe since shes potty trained she isnt wiping well enough. I do see what looks like toilet paper build up inside and I use a wash cloth to wipe it out and put baby powder on it. It seems to help for a little while but like a week later she complained again. I don't want to go to the doctor if its nothing. I have done that so many times since she was born that I freak out over...

Complicating Factors

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Almost 3 Year Old Girl with Itchy Bottom

Hello- I am the mother of an almost 3 year old girl that has been complaining about her bottom itching for 2 months now. It is right between her two butt cheeks going up to the top of her bottom. We've been to her doctor twice now and he is stumped. Both times he's given us a dose of the pinworm medication even though we've never seen anything to indicate pinworms but he was grasping at straws. He said to put hydrocortisone cream on it but doesn't seem to be doing the trick any more. We have been potty training for a month now and...

How to Start

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Help with Wiping After Going Potty

my daughter is 3 years old and goes potty just fine. her problem is that when she's done she doesn't wipe when she's done. im a sahm and i babysit my 2 nephews age 5 months and 3, both boys. i don't always have to time to go in there and make her wipe. her private area is always red and when i give her a bath or shower i try to clean her good but she cries and says it hurts and holds her legs together. i have already bought the kandoo wipes. i can't think of anything to do for her to help her wipe better and not get infections. any...