Child Removing Diaper

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Keeping a Diaper On

M.H. asks from Minneapolis

Anybody have any ideas as to how I can get my 16 month old to keep his diaper on? The past couple of days he's been taking his diaper off and walking around bottomle...


Keeping a Diaper on at Nap/bedtime -Wanting to Be Naked...

M.H. asks from Chicago

I'm having problems with her keeping her diaper completely on at naptime, and morning wake up time. I believe it's for multiple reasons, including: learning to dress...


Trouble Making My Twins Keep There Diapers On

J.S. asks from Sacramento

My 2 1/2 year old twin girls are in the early stages of potty training and WILL NOT KEEP THEIR DIAPERS ON!!!!! This has been an ongoing thing since they turned 2 and ...


HELP! Toddler Taking Diaper off upon Waking!!

J.F. asks from Augusta

Help Ladies... The last three days have been trying. My 2yr1mth toddler boy has taken his diaper off when he wakes up in the morning, prior to calling us. Today makes...


Taking Diaper off of Themselves

M.H. asks from Springfield

I have Twin 15 mo old girls and one of them has started taking her diaper off when I let them sleep in just that. I walked in yesterday and she has taken her diaper o...


Keeping on a Diaper

T.C. asks from Minneapolis

My son is 21 months old and has recently started a stage where he thinks it is fun to try and take off his diaper during nap time and bed time! This is very frustrati...


Daughter Taking Diaper off at Night!?!?

A.S. asks from St. Louis

I am needing a little help! My daughter is 20 months and the past few months has been taking her diaper off at night. I thought maybe she was ready to be potty traine...


Taking Diaper off and Peeing in Bed

M.E. asks from Chicago

Help. My 22 month old seems to find it amusing to take her diaper off at night or in the morning (along with her pants) and pee in her bed. Anyone with the same issu...


Daughter Won't Stop Taking Diaper Off!

D.J. asks from Reading

I was wondering if any of you moms have experienced anything like this and what you did to stop it. My 27 month old daughter has started taking her diaper off when s...


Taking Diaper off in the Middle of the Night

K.C. asks from Phoenix

My 20 month old son takes off his diaper in the middle of the night and then inevidably pees (or worse) in his crib during the remainder of the night. I put pajamas o...