Potty Chair Recommendations

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Potty Chair or Potty Seat

M.V. asks from Chicago

Any recommendations for which potty seat or potty chair to buy? What brand did you like? Do i need both a seat & chair?


Potty Seat or Potty Chair?

C.C. asks from Tampa

1. Should I get a potty seat or a potty chair? 2. Both? 3. What kind do you recommend and why? I have a 17 month old boy who is not quite ready to be potty trai...


Potty Chair

P.E. asks from Fresno

I'm getting ready to start potty training my 2yr. old son. Can anyone recommend a potty chair that has worked for them.


Potty Chair

R.C. asks from Seattle

My son is 16 mo and really interested in potty training. He already is telling me when he has to go and running into the bathroom. I went out and purchased a potty ch...


Potty Chair

T.S. asks from Portland

I am thinking about getting a potty chair for my 19 month old son, and would like some advise on which one to purchase as there are lots to choose from. Thanks in advance


Potty Chair

A.M. asks from Minneapolis

I am looking for advice on a good potty chair. My son just turned two and is a little curious about the potty and want to get him started but am not in a big rush. ...


Potty Chair

J. asks from Minneapolis

Back again with another quesetion. We are looking to purchase a potty chair for our little boy. He's still too young to start (20 months), but we want to have the c...


Potty Seat Vs. Potty Chair

J.L. asks from Dallas

My 2.5 year old will sit on the toilet with his potty seat on it and read, occasionally he will pee. He is not afraid to sit on it at all. I have been toying with the...


Potty Chair or Toilet Seat

G.O. asks from Seattle

My toddler is getting interested in the potty and we have one tiny bathroom for all of us. I have a potty that is currently in her room for her to "play" with but I'm...


Potty Training and Which Potty Chair?

S.B. asks from Chicago

My son is 19 months old. We've been thinking about getting a potty chair and just seeing what he does with it. I'm not really sure if it's time to start trying to p...