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Updated on February 24, 2010
S.B. asks from Henrico, VA
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my little girl (turning 2 in 3 weeks) is showing all the signs of potty train readiness EXCEPT for pulling on and off her pants by herself. other than that, she is ready. she announces when she's wet or messed her diaper, she responds with discomfort when she's wet, she follows directions for the most part, etc. we have a potty seat next to the big toilet in the hallway bathroom. now for a VERY basic question. how do we get started? do we begin by familiarizing her with the potty seat and letting her try it out? she goes with me to the bathroom now, and i tell her what i'm doing and then show her what i did before i flush. what about night training? do we tackle daytime and then move to night? she is with me almost 24/7, but she is in a childcare situation a few hours a week (less than 6 total). how do we handle that?

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answers from Kansas City on

WOW @ some of these responses. i used a slower, more relaxed, taking their cues into consideration kind of method. the biggest key is when she realizes she is going to have to go. that is when THEY are actually potty trained, instead of mommy being trained to take her constantly. i firmly believe that you can't force this issue...or i guess the $60 carpet cleaning is your option for that. not for me! we introduced my son to the potty about the same age as your daughter. we did not pressure him or try to alter his behavior to force him to learn. we had a couple false starts when i thought he "might" be ready - after a few accidents within just five or six hours (or whatever) i realized he wasn't, and we went on with life. the last time he was a month shy of three, a very normal time for little boys to "get it", and it took maybe two or three accidents, in a week, and he just "GOT IT". it was like magic. my advice, save yourself a LOT of hassle and stress, don't pressure her, and she will figure it out, i promise.

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answers from Indianapolis on

It sounds like you have all the right ideas going into it.

I'd start by putting her on the potty seat or toilet (which ever she prefers - our son didn't want to use his potty seat) at regular intervals during the day (perhaps ever hour to start) or when she signifies she needs to go.

I'd only focus on day time for now.

More often than not, she's likely not going to go. That's OK - have her sit there for a certain period of time and praise her for trying. Make a BIG deal if she does go by herself.

There are lots of methods for rewarding a child for going to the bathroom. Some people use charts, stickers, treats. We had to use Cars cars with our son. We set goals, when he hit them, he got a car. When he didn't we still praised him for what he had accomplished, but stood firm on not giving him his reward.

As he consistently hit the goals, we'd adjust them until he was completely potty trained.

Our daughter is 22 (almost 23 months), and we haven't started working on it yet. She can pull the pants down, but there's no way she'd be able to get them back up - plus, she has no interest in it at this time.

Good luck!



answers from Norfolk on

firt thing is to get her to know what it feels like to pee and poop in the potty. this can take hours or just minutes if you are lucky. what i did with the 4 i trained was sit them on the pottty next to me in the living room while they watched tv or you can pull up a little table so they can color. now you have to listen very carfully and s soon as you hear them peeing or pooping yell out so excited like tht they are going potty nd what good girl she is to be peeing or pooping o the potty. keep saying these words to she remember them. then she can get off the potty for while. i'd try this at least once a day for about an hour until she does it AND you acknowledge it WHILE she does it. after she does it try it a few times a day for about 15 minutes or until she goes. during all this "trying" id have her where underwear around the house that way you know when she goes and she will understand it more as well too sense it wont be absorbed by the diaper. when you arent at home either use a pull up or a diaper until she really gets good at going at home on her own by telling you she needs to go. i wouldnt worry about night time till daytime is mastered. id start with naps and a waterproof pad. once she sleeps through those without peeing (about 3-5 times in a row) i'd try night time. still might want to keep the waterproof pads or get plastic cover they sell for beds though just in case. i got my pads at target they are about 1foot by 2 feet.



answers from Richmond on

I started my daughter by having her sit on the potty while I ran her bath water. The running water would trigger her to urinate and I would congratulate her. In terms of night time training, I did everything at the same time. It took her less than a week to make it through the night without an accident. I did make up her bed with a waterproof pad covered by a fitted sheet, then covered with another waterproof pad and another fitted sheet. That way if she had an accident I could just take off the top sheet and pad and not have to completely make up the bed again! In terms of childcare, let her caregiver know that you are potty training and take extra panties and pants for her. Good luck, this is a major milestone!



answers from Indianapolis on

I don't think kids have to be able to get their own pants up and down as long as they can tell you that they need to go.
Find out if your local library has "The One-day Potty Training Method" (or something like that). I skipped the "Potty Scotty" doll, but used the training method of wearing underwear and a shirt, lots of snacks and liquids, no pressure but lots of opportunity, etc...


answers from Fresno on

I used the "$60 and naked" method with my girls. Here are the basics: pick a day to start (and for the record, potty training is more about Mommy being ready than the child, because YOU're the one who has to do the cleanup while they're figuring it out =). On that day, get rid of all the diapers so you won't be tempted to turn back. Then, let your daughter run around naked from the waist down. This feels different than wearing training pants or diapers or underwear - and that is the key. Let her drink tons of water/juice/milk and watch her like a hawk. When you even think that she might have to go, run her to the potty. Sometimes you'll make it, sometimes you won't. If she pees on the floor, clean it up with no fuss. Just tell her, "Next time you'll make it to the potty." And then make sure she does.

Using this method, I trained my girls in under 3 days. Now, 3 days is a long time to be doing this when you're in the middle of it, which is why I say that YOU have to be ready, mama! =) But in the long run, 3 days is a short time in which to be liberated from diapers forever.

You may wonder where the $60 comes in. Well, that's for cleaning your carpet once your daughter is successfully potty trained, because the first day or two, there will be some accidents. =)

Night time training - for one of my daughters, she was a bed wetter until she was almost 5. Her cousin is still a bed wetter at 7. My younger daughter was night time trained the same day she was daytime trained, just after she turned 2. It really depends on the kid, but in general, if she wets the bed at night, just put night time pull-ups on her and don't give it another thought. If they're wet at night, it's not because they aren't trying hard enough. Basically, there's no way to night time potty train a child, so don't worry about it. (And if they are necessary, night time pull ups will not affect your daytime potty training.)

Good luck! =)



answers from Honolulu on

Well she seems eager. So that's good.

Next, 2 year old kids are often not yet able, nor have the coordination/dexterity to pull down their own pants/pull-ups/underwear. So you need to help them.
Even 3 year olds need help or with even basic dressing/undressing themselves.

Also, as she progresses in potty training, in time, she will on his own, start to tell you when she has to pee/poop. Just not yet. She is observing you now... and seems interested. Not that she CAN do it... but she is curious.

Potty training occurs in stages and is a process. It also has to do with the myelin development of the nerves.

Keep in mind, that dryness during night-time and naps is a WHOLE SEPARATE process & ability.. and will not occur yet. Night-time dryness... can even take until 7 years old, which is normal. And accidents may still occur. And per our Pediatrician.
One step at a time.

For night-time... once she is actually at that stage, a waterproof bed-pad is very good to have... put it right under her, and it makes clean up much easier. I have about 4 that I change out and launder as needed, if my kids wet the bed at night or during naps.

Also useful, is a car potty. For times you are in a car and there is no bathroom in sight or the child cannot hold it or wait until you reach your destination. On just put in the search words "on the go potty". The car potty, has been a literal life saver for us and our kids. Our friends have these car potty's too. Very useful.

Potty training is in 3-4 stages:
1) daytime peeing "mastery" and in the toilet, being able to tell you and pull down their own pants.
2) pooping in toilet and mastery of it.
3) night-time/nap time dryness.
Also, their ability to "hold" it until they reach the bathroom and them telling you before they have to go pee/poop. AND their gradual ability to actually wipe themselves... which will take until she gets much older.
These stages do NOT occur at the same time, nor should be expected to occur at the same time.
Potty training takes time to completely "master" it for the child, and it will take longer if the child is not ready.
Also, regression or mistakes and accidents WILL happen. Which is completely normal.

Well sorry for rambling and the extra suggestions.

All the best,

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