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Updated on April 15, 2007
J.A. asks from Anaheim, CA
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I have a son that is 2 (12/29) and a care for a girl that will be 2 (4/15). My son tells me ALMOST every time he wets himself or "has stinky". He has gone pee-pee on tha poetty a few times, but with NO constituency. The little girl has told me twice in the 3 months I’ve been caring for her that she was dirty.

From what I understand, my son is ready to potty train, and the little girl is close. Does anyone have suggestions as how to get them to do this successfully? I have tried offering him everything from stickers for trying to candy and popsicles (electrolyte pops) for success, and none of it seems to be an effective motivator.

Thank you in advance for all the advice. –Janell-

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So What Happened?

We are still potty training and I'm guessing I will be for a while. He has a "yes today, no the next" attitude to it all. With time (AND PATIENTS!) he will be a successful Potty Goer. Thanks for everyone's input! ~J.

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Hi Janell,

This idea may sound a little crazy, but it worked for me. My son is five now, but when he was about two, (and yes boys are slower to potty training) we got a potty chart that you can download for free from several sites. We explained that he would need to fill the chart up with stickers and then we would have a..."poop party" yes that's right a poop party. My son's cousin who is the same age was going through the same thing so my sister-in-law and I decided that it would be a team effort, they both would have to complete the chart, and the chart was for a month, so it can take a little patients but it worked for both. What kid doesn't like to have a party, with that said, it doesn't have to be anything fancy, we did it with the family only. I went to Baskin Robins and got a "log roll" which is ice-cream rolled in a layer of chocalate cake, so you can image what it looked like (yes a poop log ). I was a little imbaraced to ask that I wanted it to read, "Happy Poop Party," the things we do for our kids:)

The party was a big sucess, we got a jumpy so it felt like a real party, we had a blast and a fun page in my sons scrapbook. The boys were potty-trained it worked great, the next hurdle was/is bed-wetting, geesss:) Good luck, they all evently poop and pee in the don't stress to much.

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Hi Janell A.He is ready the suggestions that you have gotten are great.I would also suggest that you keep himin underwear all day not the pull ups because they are still diapers.At night it is okay.It takes patients my 5 year old well she will be 5 in Nov.She still have accedents when she is out playing
hard she will not concern her self with going pee however she is aware that she needs to we are working on going pooty when she knows she has to it is only few and far between when she does it.Any ways he will do just fine.Have a blessed day

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Someone else on here had recommended a book you can download at I tried it and it worked great. My daughter was potty trained in just a couple of days. It says 2 is a great age to start and that sometimes girls can go a little earlier (19 months+). Good luck!

oh - and if you go to the website it says the book is $27, but sign up for the free training course and they'll send you an email and you can get the book for $17. :)

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He sounds close to being ready. You should buy or borrow Once Upon A Potty. The video is specific to little boys or girls. It's great. And then you have to put him in pull ups or go straight to underpants. Get him excited about his underware (spiderman? etc)from Walmart or Target. Buy 5 or more. Then remind him every thirty or so minutes ( i set the timer on advice of my grandmother and another grandmother). I also gave a potty treat (candy of stickers). We used Kissables and Skittles (one for wee wee and two for poo poo.) Eventually she stopped asking or treats. YOu could use stickers.Good luck! YOu could try takin both kids to the restroom every thirty minutes.

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Hi janell A, it seems that we are in the same boat. My daughter is 26 mohth, and I just started potty training her. She is doing really good. I got her favorite toy which is the Dora doll and elmo and I pretend that they have to go pee and after she volunteers to pee. I just bought underwear not training diapers. She might pee a few times but then she wont'n like being wet. I also set my alarm clock every 10 to 15 minutes to remaind myself to take her pee or poop. I hope this helps. I have two girls, but I heard that boys take a little longer. Good luck.

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When my son was 2 1/2 and i was 6 months pregnant with my daughter i decided it was time to potty train. my mom watched some show and suggested that i buy the "how to potty train in one day" book. i totally worked. you through a potty party and you feel silly for one whole day but my son is now 3 1/2 and only had one accident. from the potty party on my son never looked back (and he had NO interest in potty training before it.) I can't tell enough people how wonderful that method was.

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