Playing with Others

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Playdate Repercussions!

J.L. asks from Los Angeles

A little while ago I asked a question here about playdate protocol. Thanks everyone who answered! But! Little did I know what trouble was a-brewing! My son went o...


Playdate Concerns

K.K. asks from Erie

DD 4 was recently invited to a playdate at a classmate's home. I did meet mom once, but don't have a clue as to their lifestyle (smoking, pets, guns in the house etc...


Toddler Play Group in Campbell

J.L. asks from San Francisco

I'm a 40 year young mom of 3 with a 2 year old son. I'm looking for a local playgroup for us in the Campbell, CA area during the week (no weekends please). Let me k...


Handling a Playdate Bully

T.W. asks from Syracuse

My son started preschool in Sept. and has been making some new friends. Recently he's been having some play dates with another 3 year old boy in the class. The prob...


Play Date Etiquette

K.C. asks from Washington DC

We're having our first play date tomorrow. It's here at our house. Both kids are about 20 months old. What etiquette do I need to be aware of? They're coming at 10 a...



L.B. asks from Detroit

Hi. I am looking for moms who are interested in doing a playdate at a mall play area. I am interested in getting to know moms in my area and have been very unsuccessf...


Working Mom Seeking Play Group for 10Mo

A.H. asks from Savannah

I am new here and looking for anyone would be interested in having a play date. I have a 10 mo daughter (Lily) and we need to meet people. I work so MOPS is out of th...


Play Date Question

B.S. asks from Lansing

I ended up emailing a mom of a girl from my oldest daughter's class, we've never met. We worked out a play date. First we were going to meet somewhere then she vol...


Play Date and Allergies?

A.F. asks from Lancaster

My daughter is 6 years old, has a tree nut allergy and starting to embrace the "play date." She has an epi-pen, and knows how to use it. How do you all handle play d...


Play Date Ideas?

M.W. asks from Washington DC

My daughter (2 1/2) is having a friend come over for a play date next week. Her friend, Ava who is almost 5, has been over before (as her mother and I are friends), b...