Playing with Others: Puppets

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4 Year Old Asked to Go up an Age Level in Play Groups?

My 6 and 4 year old children attend a play group two saturdays a month that does fun excursions for them as well as little parties and learning opportunities. (They host activities every Saturday, we pay $130 dollars a month for them to be able to pick two each and go to those.) They are divided in to age groups of 9mo-24mo, 2y-4y and 5y-7y. Pretty standard I think? I just got a call saying that this past saturday my 4 year old seemed bored and out of place during the activity and that in the past few months she has seemed to grow out of...

Places to Take a Toddler

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Activities for Toddlers

I have a very active, smart and fun 3 year old. I'm looking for activities besides parks and the library for her. Anyone know of any good ideas let me know. Thank you

Play Dates

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Encouraging Free Play and Preschoolers

My daughter is three years old and I will be home with her for the summer. She has been in daycare since September and it ends today. My question is, how do I encourage more free play? I'm not sure if it is because she is an only child (clingy) or Alyssa doesn't really like her toys (toy kitchen, coloring books, puzzles, mega blocks, bike, etc.) but it is difficult to get her to want to free play. I recently posted a question about schedules and preschoolers. Most parents suggested to allow a lot of free play in the summer and not be...

Playdates & Moms Groups

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Tips for Starting a Play Group

I would like to start a play group with some new mothers at my church, and I don't know the first thing about this. If anyone has ever started a play group- or even participated in one- I would really appreciate your advice! What kinds of things are helpful? What is a good size for this kind of a group? I don't want to make this too formal, I just want it to be beneficial for new moms, and I want to enjoy it too. Thanks!


Having Friends Over?

So basically my question is this: Will we ever get to a point where I feel...

Playing Dress Up

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Kids Play Places

My cousin and I are toying with the idea of opening a center where mom's bring their kids just to play. In the area where we live, there is nothing like this, other than the McDonalds play area. There isn't even a play area in our mall. Our plan would be for it to be a place where mom and child would stay - no drop-offs, not a daycare. We would have a cozy sitting area for mom's with coffee and snacks, and wifi, maybe a tv. The kids area would have a variety of different activities - an art center, a train table, an area to play "house...

Social Skills

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Gift Idesa for a Friend with a Special Needs Child

I have a friend who is mother to a beautiful little girl who has quite a lot of mental and physcal issues (MS for one, brain damage at birth, etc.). She is in a wheelchair and requires constant care. She will be turning 4 this year on her birthday and every year I am at a complete loss as to what to get her for her birthday. I was hoping some moms out there could give me some ideas. She of course does not play with toys as she is confined to a wheel chair. In the past I have bought clothes but I would love to give her something more...