Playing with Others: Infant

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Want to Start a Play Group

I would like to start a play group/time swap with other moms/parents in my area. Once or twice a week for our kids to play together and/or baby sitting for 2 hours a week so mom can get her nails/hair done, shopping baby-free, or just to read a book or take a bath without interruptions from a toddler.

Coloring & Drawing

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Flying with a Toddler and Infant

I might be flying cross country with my 2 year old and my 2 1/2 month old. My husband will not be flying with us. i have gone by myself with just the older one in my lap, but this time I will have an infant in my lap and he 2 year old will have a seat. Any suggestions on flying with the 2 of them?

Early Intervention

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Places to Take a Toddler

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Indoor Fun Activity or Place to Visit in DFW Area

My sister-in-law is coming to visit this weekend and wants to take our 3 year old to go do something fun. We live in Frisco and she originally wanted to take him to the Ft Worth zoo...however, it is suppose to be chilly on Saturday and to be honest, she doesn't have children and I don't feel comfortable having someone take my child to such a busy place where he could get lost without me being with them. I know I might be overproctective but it's my baby and I couldn't live with myself if something happened. I have been trying to think of...

Play Dates

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What Would You Have Done at This Playdate?

My older daughter has had a good friend for about a year who moved to another school nearby. The last time the friend was at our house was my daughter's bday party and I remember being a bit surprised that she seemed to have a bit of an attitude. She'd always been very nice. But didnt think much of it. Yesterday she came over for a 1:1 playdate. My younger daughter was at swimming for about an hour so they had time alone. When I brought my younger one home and our nanny left, the girls started playing outside. They took my younger...


Play Date Etiquette

We're having our first play date tomorrow. It's here at our house. Both kids...


Playdate "Thank You"

One of the SAHMs offered to have a playdate on a school 1/2 day which was...

Playdates & Moms Groups

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Play Group in Las Vegas

Hello everyone! :) I'm looking for a play group..I have a 5 1/2 month old boy..I husband works and goes to school full time. Most of my friends are single and don't care for baby talk. I live in Central Las Vegas but am will to go ANYWHERE that there is a playgroup..I just need to get out of the house and hang w/ other moms :)


Play Date Etiquette

We're having our first play date tomorrow. It's here at our house. Both kids...


Play Date Ideas?

My daughter (2 1/2) is having a friend come over for a play date next week....

Playing Dress Up

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Pretend Play or Dress Up?

Does anyone know of a place in the Plano area that our therapist can take my daughter to do pretend play or dress up or something interactive? My daughter has autism, and we do 30 hours a week of therapy. I am looking for a different setting than our home - she is sooo tired of all our stuff. The Clubhouse 4 Kids (parker and independence) is exactly the type of place I am looking for, but unfortunatley, they closed down. Any suggestions? Thanks. J.


Dress for a Funeral

Hi, My FIL has passed away. I am wondering how to dress my toddlers and...

Social Skills

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Am I Doing My Kids a Disservice by Not Having a Social Life?

I guess my question is am I setting an antisocial example for them? I have moved 3 times in the past 9 years, all different states. I can rarely make friends and my husband and I have never used a babysitter so we don't get alone time unless family is visiting. But now that my daughter is in school I feel a little awkward about not having a social circle. I had one friend in the last place we lived and our families got along great but we usually just got together for playdates. Now we are in another state and I am overwhelmed with...