Trying to Find a Local Play Group

Updated on August 14, 2008
K.H. asks from Warren, MI
4 answers

I am trying to find a local play group for my daughter who is 4 1/2 and also my son who is 2 does anyone know of any place. I live in Centerline Mi.

Thanks Kris Herron

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answers from Detroit on site has alot of local playgroups:)



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Don't know if you are/were a breastfeeding mom, but if so, you'd be most welcome to join our LaLeche League of Warren group. I am one of 2 leaders. We meet 1 Monday morning monthly at 10 & Shoenner to discuss nursing & parenting topics, then meet one morning in between at various parks or homes for an unstructured get-together/play date - kids come to both and play together while we chat. We always have a snack & drink too. If you or anyone else is interested, contact me at [email protected] There are usually 6-10 moms and a bunch of little kids. Good source of support!



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There is a fantastic playgroup in Centerline.. FREEE<<<

Centerline early childhood center runs a playgroup during the schoolyear.

Check out the website..

It will be starting Sept 23 Tuesday and Sept 25 Thursday.

The playgroup is free if you live in teh centerline school district.

Also the Van Dyke public schools runs a playgroup on Fridays... Last year you had to live in the district.. but this year they are opening it up to anyone..

I dont know the website... but the teacher for the playgroup is Nicole ###-###-####




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Check out They are based on area. There is a yearly fee of like $25. The ones I'm familiar with meet once a week for play time, an extra day in the summer for walks, and an once a month mom's night out.

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