Updated on September 13, 2008
L.B. asks from Dearborn, MI
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Hi. I am looking for moms who are interested in doing a playdate at a mall play area. I am interested in getting to know moms in my area and have been very unsuccessful ):
I live in Wayne County so I was thinking of there or somewhere in Oakland County. Depending on who is willing to do this, we could set up to meet somewhere in the middle of where the moms live. Please let me know if you would be interested.

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[email protected] has a great group of moms that meet up in that area. try them :)

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Hi! I live in Wyandotte. I am the proud mommy of a 2 1/2 year old son and a 12 year old daughter. I currently work part time and go to school full time. I would be very interesting in a play date. My daughter is in school all day and my son is very bored. He loves other children and loves to play. Hopefully, some other mommies will be interested too!

Talk to you soon,



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Can you be more specific where are you leave. I am from wayne county in Livonia and I shop at Westland Mall, 12 Oaks mall if you maybe closer from this area e-mail me at [email protected] Regards



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Hi L.!
My name is K. and I have two beautiful boys, an almost one year old and my oldest just turned one. Many of my friends had their friends years ago, so their children are a lot older. It took my husband and I amost ten years to have children, so I'm at a different stage than most of my longtime friends. So...I am definately looking to make some new friends and have some playdates for my children. I live in Redford and would be interested in meeting you and your girls. Hope to hear from you soon.



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Hi L., I am part of a very wonderful, very active mom's group/playgroup and we are always happy to have new members. We're a yahoo group. There are SAHM and working moms, so there are typically 2 playdates a week, one in the evenings at someone's home, and one during the day at the Westland mall play area. Our members are in the Westland & Garden City area, for the most part, there's a few in other nearby cities. Send me a message if you are interested!

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