Playing with Others

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Looking for Playgroup in Newtown/Yardley/Langhorne Area...

K.R. asks from Philadelphia

Hi, I am looking to find a play group of children that are approximately the same age as my daughter (18 months). I work full-time, so I have a hard time going to p...


Are There Any Moms in Suffolk Need a Playdate

A.W. asks from Norfolk

I would like to get a play group going my daughter is almost 2 and is a only child i am also a stay at home mom so she needs interaction with other children and i wou...


Playdate rejection?...Still in Shock.

S.B. asks from Canton

My son is in Kindergarten and asked about playing with another kid in his class. The kid lives on the next street over in our neighborhood. I spoke to the kid's dad w...


How Long Do You Spend at a Playdate

A.B. asks from New York

Hi Ladies, My son and I are going to a new friends house tomorrow. I know the mom from school and her other childern. They are all very nice. But this is our fi...


Seeking Mom's And/or Playgroup in Sarasota

T.K. asks from Sarasota

I'm looking for a playgroup (maybe even playdates at the park) and/or a Mommy group. I'd love to meet other parents with preschool & younger children. We just moved h...


To Date or Not to Date?

F.A. asks from Spartanburg

I have a question for single moms or used to be single moms. How do you get back in the dating field? My son is 7 months old and his dad was never in the picture from...


Hosting Playdate...Offer Food?

J.L. asks from Pittsburgh

I invited two friends to my house tomorrow late morning. Both have infants under 6 months old and have been having a rough time being at home so I figured I'd give th...


Playdate Gone bad....again :(

3.B. asks from Cleveland

I posted awhile back about needing a break from playdates w/ my friend. I distanced myself for awhile, but then decided to give it another try. So yesterday they come...


Looking for a Playgroup in the Sea World Area!!!!

S.T. asks from San Antonio

I am looking for a playgroup in the Sea World area. I have 4 kids and now that school is out I am looking for something to keep them busy and to keep me from pulling...


SAHM Seeking Playgroup 2-4 Yr Olds...

E.S. asks from Dallas

Hi, I have twin girls who turned 3 in July. I am a SAHM and would love to get them together for playtime with older 2's, 3's and younger 4's?? I cannot afford for th...