Play Dates

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End of Playdate Chaos

C.W. asks from Portland

Every playdate ends with someone not wanting it to end, stalling, rolling around on the floor, crying, hanging onto the other kids legs, begging to borrow toys, etc. ...


Play Date Always Includes Sibling - How to Stop?

B.A. asks from Sacramento

My 10 yo son has recently become fast friends with a classmate and neighborhood kid. On all the play dates they've had, which have been mostly at my house, the mom ha...


Parent Has Not Reciprocated Hosting Playdate

A.H. asks from New York

My son is very good friends with a boy at school. We live in the same area, and had the boy over for a playdate a couple of months back. The two boys play together ...


What Do 6Yr Olds Do on a Playdate?

S.K. asks from Los Angeles

My daughter's best friend asked if my daughter can come to her house for a playdate recently. Since this is the second year they've known each other and I've chatted...


Playdate Etiquette - Siblings and More

C.T. asks from New York

Hi Mamas- I was curious how you would handle this one.... Last weekend, my daughter (4) asked for a playdate with a classmate. I made several calls and finally fo...


Play Date Drama

K.S. asks from Chicago

My daughter is 5 years old and in kindergarten and kindergarten has been a big adjustment for her. I am worried about her socially right now. Over the last few week...


Play Date Help!

J.P. asks from Pittsburgh

My son is five and we have never done a playdate. I am a SAHM, and I have a three year old as well. My son is in kindergarten and struggling socially. His teacher has...


Playdate with Nap in the Middle of the Day

M.T. asks from New York

My 13 month old daughter just switched to one nap a day which I usually try to hold her off until around noon and hope that she sleeps until around 3-3:30. The only ...


First Real Playdate

J.L. asks from Los Angeles

My six year old son is a sweet, loving child, but has had some trouble making friends. He has just received an invitation for his first real playdate and is super ex...


What Would You Do?? Non Date Question...

E.B. asks from Seattle

We had a play date set up for my four year old for this morning...All of us(me plus two kids) were going over for a park/picnic lunch. On my way home from dropping...