Playdate with Nap in the Middle of the Day

Updated on August 11, 2010
M.T. asks from Eatontown, NJ
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My 13 month old daughter just switched to one nap a day which I usually try to hold her off until around noon and hope that she sleeps until around 3-3:30. The only problem with this is that if I want to schedule a playdate I have a HUGE chunk of my day blocked off for her nap. How do other parents play around the one nap in middle of the day? I have a couple playdates coming up that are in the middle of the day and I really don't want her to miss out out but I also don't want to make her cranky. Any ideas?

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answers from Syracuse on

Well if early enough, you can push her nap a little later. If later in the afternoon, then you can wake her early. It's ok to break schedule occasionally.

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answers from Seattle on

Schedule them for "not during naptime". Other parents are familiar with naptimes. It makes the conversation longer (figuring out naps) but we all understand naps, and how sacred they are to not going categorically insane.

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answers from New York on

I have to admit that our playmates have always been for me and not my daughter. I need to be social with another mom. We always plan for early morning to lunch time. It has worked best for us since we first did the 1 nap. If the mom you want to see wants to see you during nap that is ok as long as it is in your space so you don't mess with your babes sleep. Don't feel bad she missed out. A child doesn't actually play with others until 3 or older. Before that they just watch and play next to each other.



answers from Dallas on

My 4 1/2 yo still naps around 1 and will sleep until 4, sometimes later. Most play dates for ua are around 10 and we end at lunchtime (sometimes sharing a lunch with our date and sometimes not). It works out great and since my kids are just used to going home around lunch time it's rare to have any crying or hysterics because a play date is over.



answers from New York on

skip the playdates - she won't miss them nearly as much as she'll miss her naps. sched them for before or after.



answers from Albany on

Hi There,
Most kids around this age switch to one nap in the middle of the day, so it seems that soon your friends will be tied up then too. We always did playdates and lessons in the morning, home for lunch, then nap. Then they were good and tired for naps. If you can't change the time of the playdate, maybe try to nap her early on those days.


answers from Seattle on

You just start making her playdates in the morning. A LOT of moms are up and about around 9am....I know I am....and then doing that until 11:30 is plenty of time for young ones to play next to each other. You do have a huge chunk of your day blocked off....but my kids were a royal MESS if they didn't nap. I kinda like the chunk me time to get laundry going, dishes, shower, pay bills...yeah for long naps!



answers from Washington DC on

Or you could let her get used to napping on the go , it doesn't hurt every now and then for them to sleep in the stroller or car , plus when you have more than 1 child , there is no choice



answers from Chicago on

We only host/attend playdates at 9:30 or 3:30 because of my toddler's nap/meal schedule. He sleeps the same time your daughter does.



answers from Houston on

We have playdates in the morning around 10 a.m.



answers from New York on

Definitely try to schedule the playtime before or after the nap. In addition, think about this: my friend and I have worked it out so that our kids play, and then sleep at each other's houses. You just have to be willing to bring the pac n play. Then the adults can chat for a while or help each other do chores!



answers from New York on

We have the same issue, and always have, for our two boys. We just embrace it. The chunk of time at home also helps calm the kids down, not just the sleep.
I try to schedule playdates in the morning or a dinner date at 4 or 4:30pm. I also try to keep the playdates to an hour or two so that things don't melt down too much. When she gets older and really starts playing WITH other kids you will start to see that limiting the length of a playdate can make it all the more successful.
I actually love being home in the middle of the day because that is when I am the most tired too!



answers from Austin on

We have always made playdates in the morning. Are the afternoon ones coming up with older children? Because that is really odd if they are little like yours.



answers from Honolulu on

I just scheduled play dates around my kids nap times. And my kids nap for 2 hours at least.
I never schedule play dates during nap times.
If a kid is tired, they will be fussy... even during a play date. Not an opportune time for a play date.

Moms are typically up in the morning early, their kids too. I have even had play dates at 8:00 in the morning. Or after my kids nap times. For example.

at 13 months old, kids/babies don't "play" per say anyway, they "parallel play." Even up to 2 years old.
Look up 'parallel play' online... and developmental time lines of how kids develop.

She won't 'miss' out on a play date, if she does not know one was rescheduled or canceled anyway. She is still young... to know her social plans.

good luck,



answers from New York on

At that age, most kids are transitioning to one nap a day around 1-3, but not everyone has yet undergone that transition, so the moms whose kids nap from 9-11 and 2-4 want noon playdates. In a few weeks/months, most kids will take one afternoon nap, so you'll find that kids' activities (like music, playgym) and playdates will be scheduled from 10 to 12. I wouldn't skip the nap for a playdate. Perhaps suggest an earlier time b/c eventually, if the babies are the same age as yours, a noon playdate won't work great.



answers from New York on

Just start initiating playdates in the morning. There's no way round it.



answers from Pittsburgh on

What Riley said! Do play dates in the morning and end with lunch then she's free for her nap--even if it's a half hour later than usual.

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