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Kicked Out of Playdate for Coughing?!

L.M. asks from Dallas

Ok, so, I'm really upset about this, and I'm wondering a) if this has happened to anyone else and b) if you think the mom was out of line. My daughter is 2 1/2 and we...


Play Date or No Play Date?

C.L. asks from Minneapolis

It seems like I have been asking a lot of questions here lately, but the responses have been helpful so here's another one. A new student in my 2nd grade son's class...


First Playdate

S.H. asks from Boston

My five year old is having her first play date with a friend from daycare. Are there any general guidelines I need to follow. I am sending my husband out with my 2 ye...


Kindergarten Playdate

A.H. asks from Chicago

Hi moms! My son started Kindergarten this year and play dates are happening pretty much weekly. Does anyone have any fun play date ideas for six year-old boys? I n...


Playdate Drama

P.E. asks from Atlanta

I'll try to keep this short and sweet. I take my youngest to a play date once a week. There are about 6 other parents (moms) there. It took a few times for the women ...


Playdate Etiquette

B.R. asks from York

My friend and I (both first time moms) have been getting our babies together for Tuesday play-dates. Both boys are in the mouthing stage right now. What is the etiq...


Playdate Problem..

A.S. asks from Boston

My daughter has had this friend for many years now, and the girl's mom and I have become friends, however, i am getting very frustrated with some of their behaviors l...


Playdate Expectations

C.S. asks from San Diego

My daughter has had several playdates with her friends and it has always been that the parents of other kids are present. Some parents have asked their kids to cleanu...


Anyone up for a Playdate?

J.B. asks from Birmingham

I am 24 years old and have really good friends that I love to hang out with...but with one problem. Almost all of my friends are single and have no children. It's h...


Too Young for Playdate?

A.M. asks from Dallas

my son is 3months old and I can already see him not responding well to other people.when is it to age appropiate to try and socialize him with kids his age?