Managing Debt

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Credit Card Debt Q????

D.P. asks from Detroit

Does anyone know if paying off credit card debts can hurt your credit score? Does one have to have a revolving debt to have a healthy credit? TIA


Swimming in Debt at Age 25!!

L.B. asks from Denver

Help! My husband and I are in some serious debt and it's only getting worse! We have almost $30,000 credit card debt plus he just got a quote on some dental work he...


Credit Card Debt

J.L. asks from Chicago

anyone have any experience with credit card consolidation? Are credit card debt is starting to be too much, and we can't use a equity loan to help may down are debt. ...


Does Anyone Have Any Info on Debt to Wealth?

T.D. asks from Sacramento

Hi Moms. I just came across a website that helps eliminate your debt faster than "you" would usually. Basically the program will teach you to manage and eliminate y...


Debt Vs. Savings

M.P. asks from Grand Forks

i was watching suze orman last night and this awesome girl (woman) had all her financial stuff together and asked suze the best way to start saving for college. befo...


Seeking Advice on Paying off All Debt

S.M. asks from Dallas

A family member of mine died and left me money. My huband wants to eliminate all our debt- cars and house. We both have jobs, We contribute to our retirement. It is s...


Help! Need So Advice on Debt.

D.P. asks from Chicago

My name is Lisa I live in tinley park. I screwed up big time I have a lot of credit card debt, my credit score is low and I feel bad for what I'm putting my family t...


Credit Card Debt Help/advice

L.P. asks from Chicago

Hello. I am just interested in hearing anything you ladies have done to help with your credit card debt. I have quite a bit built up on my card. I am able to make mi...


Help with Credit Card Debt

V.G. asks from Tampa

I am really needing help with our financials right now and was wondering if it is better to go with a debt colsolidation company or a home equity line of credit - I d...


Debt Ceiling Anxiety

S.B. asks from Los Angeles

Hi Moms - I'm having anxiety about the unresolved debt ceiling issue. It is literally keeping me up at night (as evidenced by the midnight posting of this question)...