Making Friends: Luv

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Am I Expecting Too Much from Friends?

T.D. asks from Los Angeles

Hello mamas! I'm curious if this is an issue any of you have dealt with and how you handled it. I have some wonderful mama friends and, as a Leo, I am fiercely lo...


Special Needs Son Too Shy to Make Friends at School

J.H. asks from Richland

My son is a special needs first grader. He was born with five birth defects all affecting his major organs, and requires a lot of medical attention. He is pulled ou...


Question About Night Time Diaper for a 15 M Old Boy

C.K. asks from Richmond

I am happy with the Luv's brand we use during the day but my little man wakes up everynight because he has peed through his diaper and soaked his jammies. I change h...


Need Advice

T.E. asks from Richmond

My son whom is 7yrs old.. Does not like to go out side much to play with the kids in the area, He luv to play his video game and watch Tv.. Should I be concerned that...


Extended Family Vacation Suggestions

A.A. asks from New York

My two brothers and I are planning a giant family vacation in order to celebrate our father's retirement. I was hoping you all could provide me with suggestions for a...


'Bad Mommy' from 5 Yr Old????

M.R. asks from Cleveland

Ok ladies here's the thing. My son all the sudden has been pulling this ur a bad mom, i wanna live somewhere else, i never get nothing, i dont want my toy.. etc.. it'...


I'm Getting Married soon....need Advice.

C.H. asks from Lincoln

I'm not sure how to explain this all. So please bare w/ me. * How do you go about telling your family (esp. my dad, step mom and step bro) that I've met someone ...


Etiquette for 1St Birthday Party

L.D. asks from Columbus

What is customary for a childs birthday party? Goodie bags? Opening gifts at the party or later? A start and end time on the party? My son is turning one and we...


2 Year Old and Socializing with Other Kids

K.H. asks from Boston

My 2.6 year old daughter is very bright, vocal and enthusiastic. She is also very emotional - which on the positive side she shows empathy and compassion. However, it...


Seeking Advice from Moms Who Have Dedicated Their Lives to Their Children

W.B. asks from Knoxville

I was just wondering if it is a bad thing for me to want to go out and have a little fun with my friends from time to time. I just feel like if I go out, that is tim...