Behavior: Luv

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4 Year Old Behavior Change

My daughter has always been involved in activities and lately she's been dying to take basketball. We found a basketball program for her age group and signed her up. Well, her first week, her dad took her and after about a minute of playing, she started crying that she wanted mommy and refused to play anymore. If I was home, I would have gone but I was out helping my parents and by the time I would have gotten there, practice would have been over. The next week I was taking her so I thought it would be fine. Not so. She didn't even make it...


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Dad Acts like a "Grandpa" You Know What I Mean... No Rules, No Consiquences Etc.

Hello I'm not sure what to do & feel like I've tried everything I can thus far to try to help my husband understand what a dis service he is doing to our daughter. The best way I can explain this to you ( as I did to him) was/ is that as a child I luved my grandparents to death! Going there was my favorite thing to do! WHy, the obvious reasons, they were Great Grandparents & we all know what this mean! ( hubby included) So fast husband works alot & I am a SAHM so I am by default the cook, the cleaner, the bath giver...etc...

Disrespect & Disobedience

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'Bad Mommy' from 5 Yr Old????

Ok ladies here's the thing. My son all the sudden has been pulling this ur a bad mom, i wanna live somewhere else, i never get nothing, i dont want my toy.. etc.. it's making me nuts!! the one day he said something when we were in the car and i open the van door and told him to get out and find another family to live with. in the meanwhile, as i pulled out, i called my neighbor to keep and eye on him as i drove around the apt bldg to give him time to think.. I just dont know what to do or why he's even saying this. i've told him many of...

Legal Trouble

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A Mother Who Loves Her Daughter

i need advice and help my husband and i separated yesterday and before he left he said he was going to take our 14 month old away from me im not a bad mother i luv my daughter with all my heart i would go crazy if i didnt have her just the thought of that brakes my heart idk what to do i dont know if he meant what he said or if it was just the anger talking i need advice plz


Social Skills

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Blackberry, Palm Pre, Droid Luv Em or Hate Em?

I will be getting a new phone within the next 4-6 months. It is mind-boggling, trying to think of what will be a good fit for me. I talk and text, but not excessively (mostly because I am in my vehicle so much!). I like to take pictures on my phone, but only to share phone-to-phone. I have never retrieved them off the phone to computer. My husband has a blackberry for work and I am not all that impressed with it He's had both the Storm and Curve. It is very possible I would just need to get used to it. What about the Palm Pre or...



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Need Some advice...sorry, It's a Bit Long...

Hello fellow women, I've posted questions here from time to time & you all have always given me advice from both sides of the fence but here's my recent delimma...My husband is very small, he weighs between 130-140 lbs, about 5'7" tall & even though he's small in size, he eats enough food for at least 3 or 4 people at one sitting! AND NEVER GAINS A POUND! Argh, it makes me insanely jealous but that's not the issue. Here's my problem...10 yrs ago, I developed hypothyroidism unexpectedly & I went from a healthy 155 (I'm tall so I do look...