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Birthday Party Ideas for Boy/Girl Twins

R.W. asks from Chicago

I am planning a birthday party for my soon to be one-year-old twins. They are boy/girl twins. So I am looking for ideas for themes for their first birthday party. ...


First Birthday Party for Twin Girls!!!

K.S. asks from Toledo

My twin girls are turning 1 very soon!!! I have no ideas for a first birthday party. With my son he had an interest in baby Einstein...but my girls aren't interested ...


1St Birthday Party

M.A. asks from Chicago

I'm planning a 1st b-day for my son. We have a big family and at least 10 close friends that we'll be inviting. I know it's easier to just have a small group, but t...


1St Birthday Party Cake

R.R. asks from Dallas

I've looked at previous requests and found two bakeries, but I was wondering if there are any more of the 'hole in the wall' bakeries that are hard to find but great ...


1St Birthday Party Ideas for Twin Girls

N.M. asks from Dallas

I have 8 month old twin girls who will be turning 1 in Nov. I am trying to come up with some ideas for a party for them that will not be too overwhelming for them (o...


Twins First Birthday Party Ideas

V.Y. asks from Los Angeles

I wanted to see if anyone had any ideas. I have boy/girl twins who will be turning one next month. I'm having a hard time finding some sort of theme to use for their ...


Ideas for Son's 1St Birthday Party

K.M. asks from Bloomington

My son will turn 1 in August and I'm trying to think of some birthday ideas. Does anyone have any suggestions? We have a very small home, so that's almost out since w...


Combined Birthday Party for My Sons Both Born in August.

J.M. asks from Chicago

I was wondering if I could get a few of your opinions. Both of my boys were born in August. Jacob will be 5 August 5th and Aaron will be 1 August 18th. I had planned ...


Please Recommend a Place for My Son's First Haircut

L.L. asks from Chicago

My son is turning one and desperately needs a cut before his birthday party. He does not sit still, but when he watches his baby einstein movies. ( not sure if it w...


1St Birthday!

C.L. asks from Charleston

My son's first birthday is coming up in February. I haven't decided yet what to do for his party. We will probably just have family over at my parent's house. It w...