Birthday Party Ideas for Boy/Girl Twins

Updated on January 07, 2011
R.W. asks from Chicago, IL
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I am planning a birthday party for my soon to be one-year-old twins. They are boy/girl twins. So I am looking for ideas for themes for their first birthday party. Also what activties can I plan for older kids that will be there. Thanks!!

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answers from Dover on

Dora/Diego or Mickey/Minnie Mouse would be cute.

Or you could go straight w/ the 1st year birthday and use blue and pink decorations/accessories.

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answers from Chicago on

We have done, baby einstein for first with a carnival at home, rented some carinval games and had a face painter, balloon maker, 2nd was elmo at gymboree colors went together, 3rd was dora and diegofor family party but we did it at chucke cheese for kid party , 4th was spirit horse and we had a petting zoo and pony rides so it went with it all. This party was pretty cheep too actually, they come to yoru house and everything! way cheeper than pump it up! 5th was curious george and we did come get curious at the childrens museum etc, and this year we are doing tom and jerry , come run, jump and chase us around at pump it up., next year I will split it up and do the parties separate since they will be in first grade and in differnt classrooms. I am worried there will be too many friends from the two different classroom to put together but well see.



answers from Chicago on

How about an insect theme? ladybugs and butterflies would keep it girly and bumblebees and ants, etc for your son. For a craft for the older kids you could make a clothes pin/ coffee filter butterfly and or an egg carton caterpiller. The kids could add antennae to paper head bands and make insect party hats (or you could do this ahead of time). Games - pin the spots on the lady bug (or wings on the bumble bee), you could get a couple boxes of those cooties - and the kids could assemble bugs, and lastly they could roll worms out of sculpey. You could do cupcakes with gummy worms and crushed oreos on top.

I am sure you could find tons of cute ideas for this theme on google.

Have fun and good luck!


answers from Chicago on

A Magician is a good choice for the older kids. Listed below are a couple of letters reguarding my performance at a 1st Birthday Party

“I’m writing this letter to thank you for a wonderful performance at my son’s 1st B-Day Party. I’ve seen your show two times prior and every time it gets better. Your performance was the finale of the party and well worth the wait. Both children and parents loved it and still days after the party my phone has not stopped ringing with my guests complimenting your presentation.

You are truly a great performer and an excellent businessman (every phone message was returned promptly and there was no request that was too big.) I would strongly recommend your services to anybody looking for an amazing show, Once again, I thank you for a job well done and wish you much continued success in the future”.
MaryRose Marie Schurer • Chicago

“ We just wanted to let you know how extremely satisfied we were at the way your show was performed at our son, Joseph Marco’s 1st birthday party. Not only were we pleased, but also our guests (many of the same folks that previously saw your act have been complimenting us on your professional performance. Your Illusions with animals are breathtaking and left my guests in astonishment. Many of my guests have requested your number. Your service was excellent.”
Mr. & Mrs. Matteis 1st Birthday Party • Melrose Park

Best of luck, Congrats

P. L.



answers from Chicago on

A few ideas: Dr. Seuss (Thing 1 Thing 2) party
The Mod Monkey Theme (they have it for boys & girls - super cute!)
A Circus theme -- this will allow for activities for older kids. And it is gender neutral.
I did a bday cake for twins last year - and did Blue's Clues - it was super cute!


answers from Nashville on

My daughter is about to turn two, and we are doing a girly dinosaur theme for her. That would be something you could easily do for both boy and girl. It is very easy to find boy dinosaur themed party items and there are some sites with some very cute ideas for girly dinosaurs. It would certainly be unique. You could also do an animal theme since they are neutral and I haven't met a child who doesn't like animals. If you wanted something easier, there are several licensed themes that are neutral in stores like Party City...Winnie the Pooh, Toy Story, Sesame Street, etc.



answers from Chicago on

What about a farm animal theme? That's non gender specific.

We avoided a character party since she doesn't really know any of them, and went with a cupcake theme. You could do all primary colored cupcakes. We used one of those extra large cupcake molds which turned out really cute. It would be easy to do two of those.

As far as older kid activities, we just celebrated my daughter's first birthday where she was the youngest by about 5 years. We did a pinata, lined up youngest to oldest (she even took a few swings), and we had the kids frost and decorate their own cupcakes. Both were a hit! We even had a few kids over the age of 10 and they seemed to have a pretty good time, too.

You could also do make your own pizzas for the older kids.


answers from Los Angeles on

We had a Winnie-the-Pooh (fun for boys and girls) party for our little guy when he turned 1 last April. I made a cupcake cake in the shape of Winnie's face, very easy to serve, we just pulled the cupcakes off as needed, and I baked him his own small cake to destroy : ) We served ice cream in cups so fuss and cleaning was minimal. I found most of the party supplies at the Dollar Store, also most of the favors and candy for the loot bags, then supplemented with items from Party City. To accommodate the older kids we rented a bounce house, and the woman who took our order found WTP panels for it, ALL the kids all loved it, and the baby got quiet time in it with big brother and sister so he felt special.


answers from Chicago on

While my son & daughter are not twins, their birthdays are two days apart. (Plus 3 years!) We always do a joint party to make things easier for our out of town relatives, plus it just makes sense. So I am always looking for party ideas/themes that work for both a boy and a girl. Since they both like bowling, that's the theme we went with last year. I've been doing some homework for this year's party (which will be next month) and found a site that has great party tips, ideas, theme suggestions, etc. They have a whole section on boy-girl party ideas. The link is below...I thought the "Bears & Bees" and "Pixies and Pirates" ideas were really cute. Hope this helps and have a wonderful time celebrating!



answers from Chicago on

A friend did Noah's Ark theme for her twins first birthday. I thought it was a really cute idea for a twin's first birthday party theme...2 by 2 :) The party favor was a picture of the girls in an ark foam cut-out frame. She made them after a trip to Hobby Lobby. Have fun whatever you do!! :)


A friend did Noah's Ark theme for her twins first birthday. I thought it was a really cute idea for a twin's first birthday party theme...2 by 2 :) The party favor was a picture of the girls in an ark foam cut-out frame. She made them after a trip to Hobby Lobby. Have fun whatever you do!! :)



answers from New York on

We did a Disney theme for my son's first birthday and you could easily do a Mickey and Minnie party- primary colored balloons, patterns paper goods, easily accessible decorations and cakes.

As for activities, you don't say how old the older children are, but you could definitely do some "classic" party games like pin-the-tail on the donkey, bobbing for apples, have them make a craft or decorate cookies. It depends on the age range, where you are having the party and how many kids!


answers from Jacksonville on

Do you mean ideas as in for a "theme"?
Go with something totally neutral... like Crayons.

If you mean planning the actual event, then just be aware that your kids are going to be SOOO not as into the party as everyone else. They just don't really care much at 1, lol. Do it after their nap is over, but allow a window so that if they nap later than usual they aren't groggy/grumpy when the guests start arriving...



answers from Chicago on

Congrats R. on making it through the first year! With twins, it is a tough one. When my boy/girl twins turned one, we did a Mickey and Minnie theme. We got the kids Mickey and Minnie stuffed animals from the Disney Store which were used as the centerpiece for the main table and then these went in to their cribs afterward so they could enjoy them later. I also found a place on the internet that was able to get me genuine Mouse ears with their names stitched on the back from Disney World, which we used in place of the typical birthday hat. I like it because they still have that great reminder of the day (since they don't remember it). If you know someone going to Disney World before the party you could ask them to bring ears back. I also found a store on Disney's website where I could order personalized Mickey and Minnie t-shirts for the kids. I got their names and the number "1" printed on the back (and I also ordered the same shirts for my husband and I to wear). Each child also got their own "smash" cake - his with Mickey and hers with Minnie. There are lots of Mickey and Minnie party supplies available to help with the theme.

Games for the older kids could include a Disney-themed pinata, "Pin the Nose on the Mouse", freeze-dancing (to Disney songs), and so much more. You could also do a trivia contest for the older kids, asking questions about popular Disney movies.

One piece of advice I would definitely give you is to designate 2 people (not yourself or your spouse) as photographers for the day. That way, you can have someone you trust to get both pictures and video of all the special moments you may be too busy to catch. You should be enjoying the party and your kids' special day. We did this and it was so fun to get a CD from our friend later that day with over 300 pictures of all the people who were there (we had over 50 people) and all the fun we maybe didn't see. Good luck and have a great party!



answers from Chicago on

What are they into? I would base it on that. Most things can be made boy and girl themes- Elmo & Abby (Sesame Street), Princess & Pirates (probably more when they get older), Dinosaurs, etc. All 3 of my kids (2 girls and 1 boy) are within a week of each other, so we do boy/girl themes too- last year we did a Sock Monkey theme. I actually made sock monkeys (or you can buy) as decorations to hold down the balloons. Had a cake made with a sock monkey on it. And then found images that made iron-on decals for my kids' shirts. They all loved it. Good luck!

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