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Is a Little TV Really That Bad?

My 10 month old son watches TV when Daddy gets home from work, and not for very long periods of time. Sometimes they watch the evening news, but sometimes it's MTV. It's usually just enough time to let Daddy unwind with our son on his lap. But, he watches TV pretty regularly that he now has favorite commercials, usually the ones that involve singing and dancing (like the BLOOM commercials). Occasionally, we let him watch one Baby Einstein video (30 mins long), which he loves and interacts with. The rest of the day, before Daddy gets home,...


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Wiggles B-day Party

I'm a mom of a soon to be 2 year old who is OBSESSED with the Wiggles!!! For...


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Flying to Hawaii with Seven Month Old

Hi Everyone! Thanks for all of the great advice, suggestions and ideas! I knew that coming to Mamasource for the info would be helpful! I enjoyed reading your family's experiences and stories. We leave for Hawaii in just ONE WEEK and I'm so excited! I've made my packing list for the carry-on (diaper bag backpack-style for easy carrying) and am working on the list for luggage. So, far here is what I have planned/prepared for the flight. I will use the stroller/carseat attached at the airport to have my hands free. I plan to check...


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Carsick Infant?? Dread Driving Anywhere.....

Hello moms.. I am concerned that my 5 month old may get motion sick when in the car. For as long as I can recall, everytime we get in the car to go ANYWHERE my son screams his head off like he is in pain. (I have actually hired a nanny to come to my home for childcare to avoid driving him -my nanny is a family member) It doesn't start right away, I have maybe 10-20 minutes before it starts. At first I thought it was just the car seat. I have pulled it apart looking for anything that may be poking him-nothing. Whenever we do finally...