40Th Birthday Party Location & Ideas

Updated on January 17, 2008
D.W. asks from Frisco, TX
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My husband will be forty in March. I'm looking to throw an adult birthday party for him (leaving the kids with the sitter). I'm looking for some idea's for either a nice dinner location or a party/lounge type of space. We live in Frisco, but I'm open to somewhere in Dallas (just to get out of the subburbs). I anticipate about 20-25 people will attend. I would love some suggestions of places you have experienced, or some fun ideas for a celebration like this. His actual birthday is St Patricks day, so that's why i'm planning a bit early...plus it's really hard to surprise him! Thanks

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My husband threw me a surprise party a couple of years ago and rented a private room at Sullivan's it was really nice. They cleared out all the tables and put in cocktail tables and served hors d'oeuvres. It was very classy and really not too expensive. Another place we have had a birthday celebration is Kizmet down on lower greenville next to Cafe Izmir. It is more of a lounge/bar type of place. They do have food as well.

Good luck!

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Whirly ball in Plano is fun. It is in the heart of Plano...don't remember exact address. (Between 75 and tollway.) did this with adults often great fun.
Japanese chop em up Steak place is fun with a group.
Main Event in Plano by Hwy 75 is fun. Groups can eat, bowl, play pool, etc. We have done that for someone's birthday.
scavenger hunt that starts and ends at your house. Have guests take a polarid or digital photo of what they had to do. (ie: say yo quiero taco bell in front of taco bell sign, sign "Iim lovin' it in front of McDonalds" , go to post office and act like they are just now mailing their christmas cards...)silly things and then have them meet back to show their photos or videos of what they did...It is fun and brings alot of laughs. have One prize for group who does most of the list of items.......(Five to a group: prizes could be $5 gift card to McDonalds or even just a box of chocolates.....whatever............but it is fun. We did it with a large singles group and the party turned out to be a blast. Have a start and end time and not too many items to do so they have plenty of time to get back to review their excursions.

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We went to a birthday party at Ringside in Sulivans one year which was nice. Martini Park at the Shops of Legacy in Plano has areas you can reserve for a party. I'm sure you have to have a minimum of bottle service but that should not be that hard to do with 20-25 people.

Have fun!

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