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Birthday Party Every Year?

L.G. asks from San Antonio

I have four kids ages seven to almost a year. I have done birthday party's for them every year (food, theme, piñata, cake, goodie bags etc) most of these parties tak...


Birthday Party Etiquette

L.S. asks from Boston

I seem to have issues with birthday party do's and don'ts. Is 5 too early to suggest drop offs are ok? How do you word it appropriately? I don't care either way...


16Yo Birthday Party

D.S. asks from Boston

I'm seeking advice on having a surprise birthday party for my 16 year old son. I'm hoping to invite about 15 of his friends, both boys and girls, to come to our hous...


Poll: Do You Have a Birthday Party for Your Kid Every Year?

C.V. asks from Columbia

I'm curious. Do you have a party for your child every year? At what age did you start throwing parties for your child? Is it a family-only affair, a whole-class pa...


18 Year Birthday Party Ideas

K.G. asks from Norfolk

My son will be turning 18 in aa couple of weeks. He is shy and insists he does not want a party. I would like to do something special since it is the big 18, any id...


10 Year Old Birthday Party

S.H. asks from Kansas City

My son is turning 10 at the end of April. We are having his party at Pump it Up and have invited his class and a few other friends. I am wondering should I provide ...


Birthday Ideas

N.D. asks from Panama City

Hello everyone.My son is turning 9 and where having are first sleepover birthday party,I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on a few games we could play.The theme ...


Ex Wife Issues!

K.I. asks from Seattle

So, I am a little disappointed and somewhat irked! Yesterday I posted about my SS's 16th birthday party we were throwing him...it was to be an XBOX marathon sleepo...


Party Planning Advice

N.R. asks from Lakeland

Hi moms! I have a tricky situation here. My daughter is about to be 6, and I'm planning her birthday party. She lives in a pretty adult world, having to go to work w...


Helping My 7 Year Old Fit In

C.P. asks from New York

Problem I'm having is with helping my 7 yr old son fit it with other boys his age. I feel like I am the only parent trying to keep my 7 yr old son at an age appropri...